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About 21


I am curious about the history of 21.

40-50 years ago, many gangs called themselves 21. Do you know if some are still around? Today, if someone say they are from 21, is it very confusing because there are so many 21, or there is only one 21 now?

I was grateful one in Kim Chuan / TaiSeng area. They called themselves 21 because there were 21 sworn brothers from all walks of lives who came together, with the aim of protecting their kampung from other gangs. I was still young and vaguely remembered that the 21 brothers just got tattoos and operated like modern day RC, intervening in community disputes. During Chinese New Year, all just celebrate together, the wives made new year cakes and goodies together.

I clearly remember that this group didn't extort protection money or did anything bad or illegal, except fighting off other gangs who tried to stir troubles or recruit juniors like me to join their gang to do real evil.

Just paying tribute to the good old people in my old kampung, the true Merdeka Generation that we should salute.
Can share if you know what is the exact name of the 21 that I am specifically refering from my Kim Chuan / TaiSeng area? Are they still around?

Many thanks.