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Abbey Crouch shows off her bronzed and toned bikini body in Dubai

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Girls’ holiday! Abbey Crouch shows off her bronzed and toned bikini body as she spends quality time with Sophia in Dubai

By FAY STRANG PUBLISHED: 06:57 GMT, 3 June 2013 | UPDATED: 07:04 GMT, 3 June 2013

Much of her career has been spent parading around in bikinis fronting various campaigns. But even when she’s not working Abbey Crouch can most certainly pull off a bikini as she proved during a break in Dubai last month. And as well as looking like a ready-to-shoot supermodel, the 27-year-old also played the doting mother as she spent time with her daughter Sophia.

Just me and my mummy: Abbey Crouch enjoyed a holiday in Dubai with her little girl Sophia last month

The Liverpudlian, who regularly holidays in Dubai, decided to treat her daughter to an all girls’ break staying at Le Royal Meridien.

And by the looks of it the break was just what Abbey needed as she looked relaxed and happy as she played about in the sun.The pretty TV presenter showed off her figure wearing a small red patterned halter-neck bikini.

She's still got it: Abbey once again showed off her very impressive figure in her small bikini

Building castles: Abbey helped her little girl build a castle in the warm sun

Her long blonde hair fell down her head in loose beach ready waves, creating a sexy seaside look. Protecting her eyes from the sun she wore a pair of large black sunglasses, which covered half of her face. Accessorising her beach look she wore a couple of bracelets on her wrist and a simple necklace.

Always ready: Abbey showed she is always on form for her picture to be taken

Water carrier: Abbey kept going back and forth to the water to get more for Sophia's castle

Showing just what a hands on mother she is Abbey was seen walking to and fro from the sea getting water for her little girl to be able to build a sandcastle. Sophia meanwhile sat on the sand with her head covered by a pink sun hat, playing with a bucket and spade. After a while Abbey picked up Sophia and made her way into the water to cool down from the warm sun.

Bronzed: The TV presenter looked happy and healthy as she strolled on the beach

And after a fun day of playing in the sand, the mother and daughter walked back to their hotel hand in hand. The pair were not joined by Abbey’s husband Peter who no doubt remained in the UK to finish the football season. Abbey recently opened up about life with Peter and Sophia and revealed to the Sunday People that they often rely on their parents when they are busy with work.

Beach ready: The model's hair looked perfect for beside the sea - wavy and relaxed

Two toned: The model's bikini was red at the front and more of a blue/green at the back

The star said: 'Peter and I used to live in Surrey where we weren't that near to either of our families. 'But now I'm living in the North again it's so much easier.' My family are a lot closer so they help a lot. I am really, really lucky for having this situation.'She also laughed off expectations that she had a pampered life, insisting she works hard in her career and at home.

Swapping hats: Abbey put on her little girl's hat as they played under the sun

She explained: 'Being married to a footballer is some girls' dream but it isn't always like that. I work.'Peter is rubbish at housework, unless I suppose I need a bulb changing. Then he comes in very handy. Otherwise I do everything around the house. I'm working too and it is hard graft.'

Home time: After a day on the beach they headed back to the Le Royal Meridien were they were staying