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Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura on RFK Jr vice-presidential shortlist



Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura on RFK Jr vice-presidential shortlist​

Robert F Kennedy Jr
Image source, Reuters
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr is considering American football quarterback Aaron Rodgers or former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura as his vice-presidential running mate.
They are among others on a shortlist of potential nominees, Mr Kennedy's campaign said on Tuesday.
Campaign officials would not confirm who else is on the list.
Mr Kennedy, 70, launched a bid for president last year.
He previously considering challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic Party nomination, and now as an independent faces a battle to get his name on the ballot in most or all 50 US states.
Mr Kennedy, a member of America's most famous political family, worked as an environmental lawyer before founding an anti-vaccine pressure group.
Mr Rodgers, a star quarterback who currently plays for the New York Jets, was injured at the start of his first game last season but has vowed to return to the game in 2024.
Off the field, he has been criticised for speaking about vaccine skepticism and making a number of controversial statements.

Mr Kennedy recently posted a picture of them hiking together.
It's unclear how the quarterback could combine a vice-presidential campaign with a gruelling NFL season that would clash with November's election.
Mr Ventura, a former professional wrestler and actor, was elected as governor of Minnesota as a member of the Reform Party, defeating both the Democrat and Republican nominees in a surprise upset in 1998.
He served one four-year term and since leaving office has regularly hinted about rejoining the political fray.
Starting in 2017, he hosted a show on Kremlin-owned RT America until the station ceased operations after the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Last month he appeared at a campaign event with Mr Kennedy in Arizona.
The BBC has reached out to both potential running mates for comment.
Ballot access rules for independent presidential candidates vary widely from state to state, with most requiring candidates to collect signatures before a summer deadline.
A number of states require independents to pick a vice-presidential running mate before applying for access.
The Kennedy campaign says it has so far qualified in four states - Utah, Nevada, New Hampshire and Hawaii.
American Values 2024, a political action committee backing Mr Kennedy - and which bankrolled a Super Bowl advertisement for his candidacy - says it has collected enough signatures to get his name on the ballot in Arizona and Georgia.
Media caption,
Watch: RFK Jr v JFK - can you spot the difference?


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