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$300 PAP da Best


Alfrescian (Inf)
This gentleman appears unable to pronounce "three", and speaks poor Englsh, notwithstanding that he graduated from a distinguished British university.
He may wish to attend a few speech therapy lessons.

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Fuck, as far as I can see it, there is a peesai $200 tax rebate. You can only get the rests of the peesai if you are dirt old or dirt poor.
Almost all the giveaways are targeted at the elderly and the unemployed to maintain the 70%
I am sooooooo lucky I will get them all because I’m unemployed in the system.Thank you PAP, you’re da BEST!


Alfrescian (Inf)
Mudslimes fasting at Ramadan is pointless because they breakfasts with a buffet. So 3 meals in 2..
That's true but it's only because the Melayus are indolent and rack disciprine. They wouldn't have buffets if they were more faithful to their religion on this matter. Even the Muslim cleric Imran Hosein advised against stuffing your mouth during Ramadan.

There are many health benefits to intermittent fasting. All your first world health problems are annihilated by fasting. Listen to Dr Fung.