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Chitchat 23 year old Chio Minah marries 60 year old Mat, attending his previous wedding as a child! Samsters jealous?



M’sian TikToker, 22, finds out she attended her 60-year-old husband’s previous wedding when she was 7​

Can you imagine attending a relative's wedding when you were a kid and then going on to marry said relative over a decade later?

As bizarre as it sounds, that's exactly what happened to Malaysian TikToker Renata Fadhae.

In a recent video that has been going viral on TikTok, the 22-year-old summed up her love story with four images.

The first photo, which was presumably taken at a wedding years ago, showed a man with his bride standing next to a large group of people. Among them, was a little girl.

The second photo was a zoomed in photo of said little girl with the word “ME”, while the third was of the groom with the word “HIM”.

In the last photo, a man and a lady were pictured holding a young boy and the caption read: “NOW” with a hand-heart emoji.

The viral video, which has 6.9mil views as of press time, soon got netizens guessing if the little girl ended up marrying the groom in the first pic.

And yes, she did.

In the next video she uploaded, Renata revealed that she is the little girl in the first pic.

Renata then explained that her husband, who's her aunt's nephew, is 38 years older than she is, and that she had attended his wedding in 2009.

She was only seven years old at that time.

According to Renata, that wedding was her husband's second marriage.

However, her husband and his then-wife, with whom he has one child, split in 2011.

It wasn't until 2019 that Renata and her husband met again at an event.

They then got married in 2020 and she gave birth to their son in 2021.

One fine day, while looking through her husband's old wedding photos, Renata realised she actually attended the event.

It's why she couldn't help but feel that she and her husband are really "fated" to be together.

Um, guess they have their fairytale ending now?

Bet Renata and her husband don't even remember seeing each other at his previous wedding
Who would have thought they'd end up marrying each other 11 years later? Photos: Renata Fadhae/TikTok


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