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22-Year-Old Commie Table Tennis Player Goes Viral For Her Beauty



22-Year-Old Chinese Table Tennis Player Goes Viral For Her Beauty​

She's said to resemble a young Anita Yuen.
Ainslyn Lim
Ainslyn Lim
26 May 2024 at 20:15
Wang Tianyitable tennisathleteBeautyprettysun yingshaAnita Yuen 22-Year-Old Chinese Table Tennis Player Goes Viral For Her Beauty

How many times have you tuned in to a sporting event, only to find yourself distracted by all the eye candy?

A 22-year-old Chinese table tennis player, Wang Tianyi, has recently gone viral for her good looks.

Shandong-born Tianyi found interest in the sport at a young age, and placed second in the National Youth Table Tennis Women’s Championship in 2016 when she was just 14. She is a part of China’s national table tennis team, and trains with the current world number one, Sun Yingsha.
Tianyi is often said to resemble Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen. During her matches, Tianyi is known to appear cool, confident and composed, charming supporters from all over China.
The young athlete is working towards her goal of bringing glory to her country, and at the same time, hopes to inspire other youths to love table tennis.
With all the attention she has received for her looks, it’s safe to say that all eyes will be on Tianyi in the coming years.

How pretty is she?

She has won many fans, thanks to her beauty

Do you think she resembles a young Anita Yuen (right)?
Photos: HK01, pinterest