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1700 Suicides from 2000 - 2004



Suicide is a significant non-medical cause of death in Singapore. Although attempted suicide is an offence punishable with jail under section 309 of the Penal Code,[24] Singapore still sees many cases of suicide each year. Between 2000 and 2004, 1,700 people killed themselves,[25] and in 2007 suicides amounted to about 2.2% of all deaths.[26] For every successful suicide attempt, there were seven unsuccessful ones.[25]

It was reported in 2006 that suicide was one of the top causes of death of Singapore youths.[25] In 2001, five children younger than 15 years took their lives, and 37 people between the ages of 15 and 25 did so.[27] The coroner's report of a junior college student who killed himself because he believed his penis was too small was reported in the international media.[28] The pressure exerted by parents on their children to produce good academic results has also been a contributing factor in some suicides.[29]



I'm not surprised the latest statistics of post-2004 till present would show the trend is rising, instead of reducing.
The stress and uncertainty of modern living and the general climate of self-gratifications, or should I say, the immediate self-gratifications is a factor of the rate of suicides, as more are deprived in an ever increasing dependence on consumer attractions and materialism.