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Serious 14,483 People Kena Covid From Sept 17 to 23! Should John Tan Get Another Covid Booster Jab?


Old Fart
actually, i am having a flu now..started late last night felt sore throat..today by afternoon already congested chest with phlegm. never test my self. i think it's covid
Yes covid is the new flu, no biggie. Drink plenty of water, take more Vit C and rest more.


Each LIFE is precious & means something precious to another...

1. COV is only common, existed for millennia, & will attack in SWARMS, once the Human body immune system is down due to low or poor DAILY maintenance, as each virus cell will REPLICATE itself within SECONDS which should the immune system is not strong enough to counter attack thru the T & B cells, & will be overwhelmed.

Make NO mistakes, the natural body immune system is to help Humankind, & will attempt to save the host, but when overwhelmed, it is a KILL SWITCH, to prevent such RNA virus from mere variances to MUTATIONS, & thus the immune system will INFLAME body cells & organisms such as heart & lung thru kinetic energy of pumping of heart & lungs which causes above 37C which will DESTROY the Human host to PREVENT spread of such virus to others, such as EBOLA which is a evolved DNA virus but death within 7 days by our immune system.

2. Should you be a healthy Human, most CRITICALLY is to NOT panic. Chill & keep cool. It's only a RNA virus & the natural immune system will keep you alive, although the heart may be pumping at a pace beyond normal.

Wake up, take some warm water, breathe NORMALLY as you are a healthy individual & go back to sleep & think positive thoughts that will allow your mind to drift off to sleep for needed rest so the immune system may work.

Even should you sleep, with such high energy from the immune system, you may have dreams that are very real, more so if you have real life issues that will affect your subconscious. KEEP CALM Always, & just force yourself to wake up when panicky, so that you will realize it is only a dream & not reality... This method worked for many, even ex UK PM Boris back then when he suffered from the COV pandemic.

3. When morning comes, take an ART test that had been supplied to ALL citizens. Even if negative, as new COV variants may escape detections by a test developed yrs ago BUT the COV symptoms is evident such as cough, cold, etc. WEAR a mask & visit a doctor for MC & medication, but MOST IMPORTANT is to isolate oneself to prevent spread to others, even if one has financial considerations to go to work. It may take up to 5 days of needed rest or for some, even 21 days for the immune system to rid the COV swarms.

4. You may not be eating well, so go for liquid foods such as 3-in-1 cereal liquid foods instead, & slowly graduate to solid foods to help the digestive system process necessary food which is NEEDED - proteins to help the immune system & if possible, stay away from red meats such as beef & mutton which takes a far longer time to digest.

5.To prevent coughs, headaches & colds symptoms, take best panadols when necessary & needed. Nose decongestion liquid does help to assist in breathing normally. If possible, wrap yourself with blankets, to create heat as the immune system will need HEAT to kill the virus which cannot survive above 37C in Human bodies. Sweaty blankets or attire can be washed next day.

6. Should you be at the at risk COV group, & worse live alone - DO ALWAYS keep others IN CONTACT daily, even to social welfare officers, so that should you develop breathing difficulty, there is a direct number to seek for help, or at the least - should no contact from you to your contactees after one day, they may make arrangements to find you in you apartment, in the worse case scenario. We Singaporeans will leave no one behind...

Ultimately, DO NOT PANIC. It is only a common COV attack, when one's body immune system is down. Take all precautions & health advisories from medical professionals, & we here will see you here again. All the best. :smile:


I am a selfless person. That's why I'm willing to let you take the next booster first.
Pls go jab every part of your anatomy. One testicle one jab. Your short and small lanjiao should be able to take at least 2 right? No pain no girth


Alfrescian (Inf)
Pls go jab every part of your anatomy. One testicle one jab. Your short and small lanjiao should be able to take at least 2 right? No pain no girth

Don't forget one jab to the perineum. It can be considered as an acupuncture spot. :biggrin: