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Money is an external thing; living in the moment, finding joy in the moment, and living a simple life are true.

Before one succeeds, many people eagerly desire to earn a lot of money.

Some dream of getting rich their whole lives, even when they are impoverished.

Some are wealthy but obsessed with money. Both types of people lead meaningless lives; they don't get what they should, nor do they enjoy what they have because wealth indeed affirms one's achievements, and society measures success by the amount of wealth one possesses.

When someone has money, they become successful in the eyes of others; they can appear in the media, frequent upscale places, and have what they desire.

Therefore, many people live their entire lives for money, regardless of whether they have it or not; every day is spent in pursuit of it.

When you lack money, you feel its charm and greatness, but once you have a large sum, money becomes just a tool for satisfying life.

Someone once asked me, "Is life about making money, or do we make money to live?"

When you're struggling, making money becomes a major focus, but when you're living comfortably, is making money still your sole pursuit?

Humans need spiritual fulfillment, and when money becomes a mere game of numbers without other pursuits, one can feel very empty and bored.

Although life seems fulfilling and satisfying at this moment, it's actually quite helpless.

Many people engage in comparisons, as the saying goes: "I'm so poor that all I have left is money!" This may be the true portrayal of such individuals.

While having immense wealth is fortunate, if one only indulges in money without other pursuits, only seeking low-level happiness through it, they may be rich in wealth but impoverished in their spiritual world.

While a career can bring spiritual satisfaction, it can also lead one into a mindset where career is prioritized above all else, neglecting relationships and other aspects of life.

Some people use their careers as an excuse to devote all their time and energy to it, rarely paying attention to anything outside of it, even familial bonds and friendships.

These individuals not only immerse themselves in their work but also expect their loved ones to support and understand their career-focused mindset.

However, they overlook the fact that humans are emotional beings, and many things cannot be compensated for by career and money alone.

People consumed by their careers often fall into the trap of prioritizing work above all else, neglecting things like emotional support for their spouses, nurturing their children, and spending time with their parents, which are just as precious as their careers.

It seems there's always too much to do for those engrossed in their careers.

Sometimes, apart from dealing with work matters at home, they spend their free time talking endlessly about work issues, or even venting their frustrations on their family members.

It's as if they're solely responsible for providing for their family, viewing others as burdens rather than loved ones to care for. In reality, family members are the silent supporters behind you; their genuine affection is your spiritual backbone, the value of your life.

If these matters aren't handled well and trouble arises within the family, you'll lose the drive to pursue your career.

Additionally, there are many other things worth paying attention to, such as your health, understanding the diverse aspects of life, and experiencing the beauty of nature—all of which are precious in your life.

For example, if you spend your whole life striving for career success but neglect your health, you may face endless suffering from health issues and miss out on experiencing the beauty of life and nature.

Otherwise, even if you amass wealth in your old age, you can't turn back time to relive the joyful moments of youth, wouldn't you agree?

Devoting one's entire life to a career while missing out on the joys outside of it ensures an incomplete existence. We should seek enjoyment beyond money to bask in the sunshine of joy and passion, to pursue careers with enthusiasm, and to enjoy life with happiness and contentment.

I believe that regardless of wealth or poverty, it's essential to live in the moment and find joy in it.
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Don't pose such a loser article.
If you can't make 30k to 40k a month in sgd, you are just a loser.

You see thes people with this level of income kpkb about life ? They just pack their bags off and go abroad 4 to 5 times a year.

Warren Buffett ,gates or even Zuckerberg, they have bag loads of money. Do they tell you to be satisfied and happy with life ,
Live happy ? Of course they do. But in the end, they Maketh much more in life .
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