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小龙女depressed, didn't wash her vagina for a week in 2009



I am waiting for someone to say "Can eat don't waste" for this dinobu.

syed putra

"For me, who is just 58, I am still not married and hadn't given birth … Even if I have to strive alone, I should maintain my inner vitality. I am alone but I am not lonely," she said."

Translation: my CB at my age is relatively tighter than those who had popped out kids, I need a good stiff one.
I kinda prefer if she was in depression and not had a bath for weeks. I just love the natural scent of a female.


Reading about Carman Lee's battle with depression really hits home. It's tough, especially when societal pressures and personal relationships weigh you down. Her honesty about the darkest moments is raw and relatable.
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