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  1. Rogue Trader

    Chitchat Mudlaysian fishermen catching pufferfish and selling them in markets

    Monday, 3 July 2017 A meal deadlier than cyanide Dangerous catch: Workers unloading baskets of pufferfish at Teluk Bahang jetty. The fish is later sold widely under the guise of ‘crystal fish’ in the wet markets of Penang, Kedah and Perak. EXCLUSIVE: PETALING JAYA: In the old days, when...
  2. Rogue Trader

    Chitchat Mother Natures new year gift to Sinkapore is not a good omen

    Badly cut 1m-long sea turtle found dead along Changi Beach Lydia Lam Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017 The sea turtle was believed to have been cut by a ship propeller. Photo: Chandran V. R. SINGAPORE - A sea turtle more than a metre long was found dead along Changi Beach on Monday (Jan 2), believed...
  3. Rogue Trader

    [GPGT] Wild boar with blue meat spotted in US

    Ranchers in Northern California shot a wild pig and ended up finding its meat surrounded by Smurf-blue fat. A user on Imgur posted photos and a short explanation of the bizarre discovery at their in-laws’ Morgan Hill ranch. The couple cut open the pig, drained most of the blood and were...
  4. virus

    Retribution lah.... pinky tio cancer

    Pink dolphin has non-transmissible skin cancer: Underwater World Singapore Animal welfare groups Wildlife Watcher (Singapore) and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said in a report that the health of dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon is "appalling". Underwater World Singapore said one of the...
  5. Rogue Trader

    Eats shoots and shoots - Masturbating panda captured on film by researchers

    Researchers finally discover what a panda looks like when it masturbates After years of research and patient waiting, researchers have finally revolutionized their field by capturing images of a panda pleasuring itself. For some reason they want to share this revelation with the world, and...
  6. Rogue Trader

    One meter long super rat caught in China village!

    Farmers capture one metre-long 'ratzilla' which terrorised village and ate fish WHOLE The freakish giant rodent weighed ten times that of an average rat and had been devouring 3kg fish whole in Shaoyang, in China's Hunan Province <cite class="byline vcard" id="yui_3_9_1_1_1380875378675_1036"...
  7. Rogue Trader

    [Only in China] Fake animals on display in Henan zoo

    <header style="box-sizing: border-box; border: 0px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 12px; vertical-align: baseline; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">China zoo's barking 'African lion' draws scorn </header><section class="storyimage"...
  8. Rogue Trader

    To fool Guangzhou airport security, S Korean woman kum a mouthful of live tadpoles

    Woman tried to ‘drink’ mouthful of tadpoles at customsinSing.com - 21 March 2013 5:26 PM | Updated 5:31 PM It was a case of drink it or throw it – and a South Korean woman chose to drink a bottle of liquid she was carrying through customs at an airport. Only problem was, the bottle of liquid...
  9. Rogue Trader

    15 injured, 3 shark dead after giant shark tank in Shanghai shopping mall exploded..

    15 injured as 33-ton shark tank bursts in shopping centre By Ruth Doherty, Dec 19, 2012 A large, 33.5-ton aquarium has burst at shopping centre in Shanghai, China, leaving 15 people injured. Passers-by were injured when the glass front of the seven metre-long, three metre-high aquarium...
  10. Rogue Trader

    Horny jungle beast tried to rape 17yo girl in Mudlaysia

    Wild animal injures teen girl working at Taman Negara hotel in freak attack By R.S.N. Murali, The Star | Thu, Dec 13 2012 Above: Barking deer can be aggressive during the rutting season. JERANTUT, Malaysia - A 17-year-old hotel worker is still traumatised after being gored on her thighs...
  11. Rogue Trader

    [Leaked] Sex pics of Kai Kai the panda

    Kai kai not wearing pants and touching himself! I hope the singapore zoo sends this FT back to china!
  12. Rogue Trader

    Another sinkie killed in Johore

    Singaporean trampled to death by elephants The Star/Asia News Network Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 KLUANG: An elderly man was trampled to death by a herd of elephants during a trip to his oil palm plantation. Singaporean Toh Sam Yit, 79, who has a Permanent Resident status, and his grandson went to...
  13. Rogue Trader

    Native Sinkie attacks angmor woman over territorial invasion

    Monkey attack in MacRitchie leaves woman with 13 stitches Above right: The monkey that attacked Mrs Audrey Best. Above left: Mrs Best's injured finger. By Victoria Barker My Paper Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 SINGAPORE - IT WAS meant to be a leisurely stroll with the family at MacRitchie Reservoir...
  14. Rogue Trader

    Mysterious giant bloody eyeball found on Florida beach

    Ol' Blue Eye: Mystery as giant peeper washes up on beach I've got my eye on you ... the mysterious eyeball has baffled experts Published: 12th October 2012 SCIENTISTS have been left scratching their heads after a giant eye washed up on a Florida beach. The fleshy flotsam is the size of a...
  15. Rogue Trader

    Animal uprising has begun - 700lbs pigs ate farmer in Oregon!

    Farmer, 69, is devoured by his hogs: Only dentures and body parts found Terry Vance Garner discovered in hog enclosure at his remote Oregon farm by a relative A sow bit Garner last year for stepping on a piglet, but he didn't kill the animal By DAILY MAIL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 04:40 GMT, 2...
  16. pureshark1980

    Snake Expert Accident yesterday

    This guy Mark Oshea, like over 50, seen him on TV a few times. Poor guy got bit at the wildlife park by a king cobra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qRI6yqL4t0
  17. Rogue Trader

    FT vet nurse neutered 300+ cats on dining table and defrauded animal welfare group

    Bogus vet who turned home into clinic fined $46k AsiaOne Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 SINGAPORE - Looking to make a quick buck, a nurse working for a local vet conspired with another to turn her Bishan Street flat into an animal clinic where she charged at least $50 to sterilise each cat. The...
  18. Rogue Trader

    Consultative PAP's hands are now tied - cull wild boars also need to ask residents?

    MP Inderjit Singh holds dialogue on wild boars Inderjit Singh hears Lower Peirce Reservoir residents' concerns about animals in their neighbourhood Published on Jun 24, 2012 About 40 people living near the Lower Peirce Reservoir met their Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh on Saturday to...
  19. Rogue Trader

    Lui Tuck Yew must be very angry - Wild mushrooms popping up in Toa Payoh!

    Large wild mushrooms spotted in Toa Payoh Shin Min Daily News - 1 hr 13 mins ago Large wild mushrooms have been spotted blooming in the Toa Payoh area. Liu Yong Li, 27, noticed the mushrooms last Thursday on 3 November when he was on his way to an appointment. Describing the wild mushrooms...
  20. Rogue Trader

    Orchard Road retailers employing LKY tactics to solve bird poop problem?

    Hawks to patrol Singapore shopping district Sapa-AFP | 12 October, 2011 10:14 Businesses along Singapore's famous Orchard Road shopping street plan to deploy trained hawks to scare off thousands of birds whose droppings rain down on pedestrians' heads, a report says. The Straits Times said...