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  1. Rogue Trader

    [Must Read!] NUS research already identified the "Sinkie gene" in before GE15

    [Must Read!] NUS research already identified the "Sinkie gene" before GE15 Could your genes dictate your political leaning? Study finds robust link between the presence (or not) of a gene variant and a split between liberals inclined to decry inequality, on the one hand, and die-hard...
  2. Rogue Trader

    The best political campaign video you'll ever see [from Taiwan]

    <iframe width="580" height="356" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/sizC0I63kqA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> 1234567890-=
  3. Rogue Trader

    Merlion Park illegal protest: 2 Malaysians sent balek kampung, 1 WP kenna cancelled

    Singapore cancels visit passes of 2 Malaysians, revokes work pass of another 2013-05-15 15:56 SINGAPORE, May 15 (Bernama) -- The Singapore authorities have initiated the revocation of the work pass of one of 21 Malaysians involved in the May 8 and 11 illegal gatherings at Merlion Park, here...
  4. Rogue Trader

    Datin Michelle Yeoh now branded a traitor by netizens after attending BN dinner

    Michelle Yeoh a "traitor" <cite class="byline vcard" style="font-style: normal; color: rgb(119, 119, 119); font-size: 12px; display: block; font-family: Georgia, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif; vertical-align: middle;">Cinema Online – <abbr title="2013-04-17T06:19:00Z" style="border...
  5. Rogue Trader

    The Economist's write up of the Bukit Brown issue - Sinkie heritage vs progress

    <hgroup class="typog-content-header main-content-header" style="margin-bottom: 5px; color: rgb(74, 74, 74); font-family: Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 22px;">Singapore's heritage Elegy for an urban graveyard <time class="date-created" style="color: rgb(123, 123, 115); font-size: 1.2rem...
  6. Rogue Trader

    Teo Ser Luck: Punggol East residents' interest interest must be served first!

    MP to parties: Put residents' interests first Above photo is Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck. By Adrian Lim My Paper Monday, Dec 31, 2012 SINGAPORE - With at least four opposition parties declaring interest in contesting the single-seat Punggol East ward, voters will...
  7. Rogue Trader

    Move over Kuan Yew, this 94 yo man will be the oldest candidate for political office

    Feisty 94-Year-Old Runs for Office Using Money Saved for Funeral Dec 12, 2012 Usually when you hear about a fresh-faced new voice in politics, it’s usually, well, a fresh face. Not so much with Ryukichi Kawashima, who is running for office for the first time at the ripe old age of 94...
  8. Rogue Trader

    One year after GE2011 - inSing interview with 2 candidates

    1) Dominic Puthucheary's son insists Sinkie's discontent with overpriced HDB flats and FT policy is only a cyber phenomenon, In real life, Sinkies are asking him for help to get more FTs into Singapore! <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px" width="640" height="360"> <embed...
  9. Rogue Trader

    CNA reporter writes about PAP clamp down on political websites

    COMMENTARY: What do the warning letters to websites mean? Satish Cheney inSing.com - 2 hrs 48 mins ago <cite style="display: block; font-style: normal; font-size: 10px; margin-top: 4px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 4px; margin-left: 0px; ">(Pic / Internet)</cite> COMMENTARY: While...
  10. Rogue Trader

    PAP Desmond Choo: Bring it on! I'm ready for by-election anytime!

    PAP’s Desmond Choo on Hougang by-election: I’ll be ready to answer any call <cite class="byline vcard" style="font-style: normal; color: rgb(125, 125, 125); font-size: 13px; display: inline-block !important; font-family: Georgia, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif; vertical-align: middle...
  11. Rogue Trader

    How well do you know your dictators? Take this quiz

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/quiz/2011/dec/19/dictator-quiz-match-the-strange-fact-to-leader Dictator quiz: Match the strange fact to the departed leader '2011 is a bad year for dictators' – according to half the internet. Leaders were toppled throughout the Middle East, the head of...
  12. Rogue Trader

    Foreign Talent political adviser tells PAP to stop being a tyranny

    ‘Find more ways to give more power to the people’ <cite class="byline vcard" style="font-style: normal; color: rgb(125, 125, 125); font-size: 12px; display: inline-block !important; font-family: Georgia, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif; vertical-align: middle; white-space: nowrap; line-height...
  13. Rogue Trader

    Sinkies, if you have $20M cash this is your chance to be LKY!

    Buy one of these islands and be a dictator!! Appoint relatives to be cabinet ministers, control media, import 3rd world foreigners to worship you, and insult your citizens every 2 weeks ... shiok! :rolleyes: Three islands off Sabah for sale By Ruben Sario AsiaOne Thursday, Sep 22, 2011 KOTA...
  14. Rogue Trader

    Vote for PM Lee in the Yahoo politic poll

    Introduction 2011 will be remembered as the year of Singapore’s political “awakening”. Campaigning during the General Elections was fast and furious. Along the way, a new media darling was born and a prominent cabinet minister was voted out. For the first time since 1965, an opposition party...
  15. B

    Google quits censoring search in China !

    Google quits censoring search in China By Doug Gross, CNN March 22, 2010 6:00 p.m. EDT (CNN) -- Google on Monday announced it has stopped censoring search results in China. The announcement came amid speculation that the search giant would pull out of China entirely and sets up a...