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pap regime

  1. Singapore Dancing Spirit

    Does PAP Government pay CECA to promote Government policy on social media?

    "Does PAP Government pay CECA to promote Government policy on social media? ,
  2. G

    NUS & HKU Senior Law Professor Condemned AG AK Rajah, Steven Chong & LKY

    Dear brothers and sisters, for those who can read chinese, you may refer to this website. NUS Senior Law Professor and Hong Kong University Dean condemned VK Rajah and Steven Chong, intentionally did this during the transfer of old AG to new AG...
  3. G

    Is Punggol 21 Community Center Operated by PAP?

    Dear brothers and sisters, any idea if Punggol 21 community center is operated by PAP? Community center is basically a dangerous place as your daughers may be coached to have sex with community center uncles and your sons could be sodomized by community center uncles too. what do you...
  4. G

    Shameless and Despicable Straits Times Copied from Twitters and Make it into News

    Dear brothers and sisters, Shameless and despicable Straits Times copied from twitter and paste them together and make it into news. This is the standard of PAP paparazzi. Celebrities express sorrow, support on social media for missing flight MH370 PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS...
  5. G

    The Independent Blamed PAP For Singapore Merciless Society

    Dear brothers and sisters, lets face the reality that Singapore is a merciless society with no compassion all because of PAP. Low on compassion, high on pragmatism Worse, the new immigrants they’re inviting in by the planeload are perpetuating the same kind of behavior — after...
  6. G

    Shin Ming Cheap Taste to Say This Lady is 性感 (sexy)

    Dear brothers and sisters, Shin Ming cheapo bastard papers said this lady is sexy? http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Xing-Gan-Fu-Wei-Zhan-15Lou-Chuang-Yan-Min-Fang-Pan-Sheng-Jiu-Ren-247595 do you agree?
  7. G

    Shameful Baey Yam Keng is the Male Version of Ting Pei Ling

    Dear brothers and sisters, I nominate Baey Yam Keng is the male version of Ting Pei Ling. This MP is brainless and talking without brain and contributing positively to Singapore Mr Baey, during the debate on the Ministry of Home Affairs' Budget, proposed that Singapore residents renew...
  8. G

    Chinese PRC Workers Like to Suicide Acting to Threaten Singapore Employers and Police

    又有中国客工 爬起重机闹自杀 又有中国客工疑因薪水纠纷,今早爬上10多层楼高的塔式起重机闹自杀,被警方逮捕。 http://wanbao.omy.sg/local/story20140303-23713 when PAP import foreign workers: PAP get to enjoy workers levy and the money used to fund loss making investment like buy expensive citibank shares and selling them at cheap price...
  9. G

    British Ang Moh Condemned PAP Immigration Policy That Favours Foreigners

    Dear brothers and sisters, Gingerlyn wish to share with you an article below written by British Journalist that condemned PAP immigration policy that favours foreigners at the expense of local sinkies. Singapore’s Foreigner Problem A sharp rise in the foreign population has ratcheted up...
  10. G

    Trial by Media but Shit Times Was Not Charged by AGC For Contempt of Court

    Dear brothers and sisters, have you taken your meal? sudah Makan? 吃了吗? AGC must act fairly to address Straits Times’ Contempt of Court OC Editorial It was hidden in page seven of the Straits Times (ST), and cunningly headlined to give the impression of a mild infraction. “Straits...
  11. G

    Chief Of Army Perry Lim Cheng Yeow 林清耀 is a Robocop & Holding Many Directorships

    Dear brothers and sisters congratulations to BG Perry Lim. He is good at carrying weapon of mass destruction and also good in doing businesses. Beside drawing huge salary from army, he is also receiving good salary from Singapore Technologies Electronic Limited and various directorships...
  12. G

    Congratulation to Ex MFA Lim Cheng Hoe as he will be freed in 5 months Times!!!!

    Dear brothers and sisters Ex MFA Lim Cheng Hoe got a very good bargain from Judge by looking at his original sentence of 15 months which is lower than the 18 months asked by prosecution. Let me do the sum below: 1) Prosecutor ask for 18 months. 2) Judge is very kind to Pineapple tart and may...
  13. G

    While HKG Was Busy Building MRT, Shameful PAP and Dr Tony Tan Was Sleeping

    Dear brothers and sisters, I just look at Hong Kong MTR and notice that their networks and coverage are so huge compared with Singapore. Hong Kong MTR was built around mid 1960s and expanding after wards. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTR Just look at PAP and what did they do in...
  14. G

    PAP Ng Eng Kuaybu (Hen) Said Singapore Must Welcome Foreigner and Support PAP

    Dear brothers and sisters, Shameful and Despicable PAP Minister Ng KuayBu said Singapore must always welcome foreigners and increasing its population to 10million to stay strong and continue to support PAP. Otherwise, Singapore will be ruined by outsiders if we don't support PAP...
  15. G

    Congratulation to Ng Boon Gay for winning the war with MHA

    Dear brother Boon Gay Congratulation to you for fighting and winning the war with MHA. Brothers here know that you are innocent and that you are the victim of conspiracy in high ranking political games. Fortunately, you won the war and now accepted by Military Scholar who was from MINDEF. His...
  16. G

    It Is Very Strange for Prof Simon Tay to Comment On YingLuck Position

    Dear brothers and sisters, It is very strange and irrelevant for Prof Simon Tay (NUS LAW PROFESSOR) to comment on our neigbour PM YingLuck. I wonder what is the motive of Prof Simon Tay. Why did he comment on PM YingLuck position and why Prof Simon Tay did not comment on PM Lee Hsien Loong...
  17. G

    Merlion Undergo Maintenance During Lunar New Year

    Dear brothers and sisters Our dearest Merlion to undergo maintenance during Lunar New Year (please take note, I said Lunar New Year to dissociate ourselves from Chinese PRC who are bastard and culturally crude). why choose to undergo maintenance during lunar new year? good or bad in...
  18. G

    Strange PAP Minister K Shanmugam Bio

    +++++++++++ deleted to respect owner Mr Sam Leong -=++++++++++++++++++
  19. G

    UK Citizen Rory Lee Hipgrave Brings Good Jobs for Singaporeans

    Dear brothers and sisters good evening praise PAP for bringing in people like Rory Lee Hipgrave as he contributes good jobs for Singaporeans :) British tourist jailed for fighting, assault, and uttering racial slurs A British tourist is having a taste of prison life in Singapore...
  20. G

    Shameful and Despicable PAP Anal Doctor Supports Elitism

    http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Zi-Zhu-Xue-Xiao-Jin-Liang-Bu-Yong-Leng-Qi-Yin-Re-Yi-Xu-Bao-Kun-Zuo-Fa-Mei-Luo-Ji-239383 教育部促请自主学校尽量不使用冷气引热议,许宝琨认为这样的做法没逻辑,好比拿掉A级病房的冷气机,让C级病房的病患不要那么羡慕。...