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  1. T

    Non-organic GMO Plants have cancer-causing pesticide, if you are smart don't eat them

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQUm5Qg4-5I Monsanto denies link between GMOs and cancer, birth defects in Argentina http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY16uNIjzKk Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors...
  2. Rogue Trader

    Sinkie man report police in Mudlaysia becos nasi goreng too spicy

    The Star/ANN, StompWed, May 07 2014 Singaporean lodges police report over fried rice being too 'spicy' JOHOR BARU - A Singaporean man who was so upset after eating a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung has lodged a police report over how it was apparently too spicy. Lau Thiam Huat, 60, ordered the...
  3. A

    Cheap makan in Johor

    Anyone know where to get cheap and good (又便宜,又新鲜, 又好吃) makan in Johor?
  4. Rogue Trader

    Recipe for PM Lee's China pork soup revealed

    Pig carcasses dissolved and discharged into China sewage pipes Sunday, Jun 09, 2013 China Daily/Asia News Network By Wu Ni CHINA - A pig-breeding farm in Hunan province dissolved pig carcasses in sterilizing solvent and discharged the solvent through sewage pipes, raising concerns about...
  5. Fishypie

    Any Sotong Lovers here ?..

    Me; for one : Above is an itaLian inspired sotong dish done with thymes, garLics sauteed in oLive oiLs .. ..but deep down i wouLd aLways go out of my way, Looking for that perfect sotong masak hitam... :)
  6. Rogue Trader

    Guess what I had for dinner

    Nope it's not a piece of tyre :D
  7. Rogue Trader

    pls delete

    sorry delete
  8. Rogue Trader

    please delete

    pls delete ... paiseh
  9. Rogue Trader

    Canadian tourists lau sai until die in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

    Two Canadian women found dead in Thailand BY PAUL DELEAN, THE GAZETTE JUNE 16, 2012 MONTREAL — Two Quebec women found dead Thursday night in a hotel room on Phi Phi Island in southern Thailand were well known and popular in their hometown Pohénégamook, a rural area of 3,000 near the Maine...
  10. Rogue Trader

    Yaacob Ibrahim helps our new president cook briyani

    Mixing a pot of briyani for charity Published on Jun 17, 2012 President Tony Tan Keng Yam, his wife Mary and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts and Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs, mixing a large pot of briyani on Saturday. They were taking part in...
  11. Rogue Trader

    In UK: Hospital food more harmful to health than Big Mac and KFC Zinger burger!

    Big Mac healthier than NHS big muck Hospital grub scandal EXCLUSIVE By EMMA LITTLE, Health and Science Editor Last Updated: 21st May 2012 A BIG Mac is healthier than 75 per cent of NHS meals, a shock study has revealed. One curry served to patients had SIX times more fat than a KFC Zinger...
  12. Rogue Trader

    UK "killer curry" eating competition - 10 contestants violently ill, 2 hospitalised

    'Killer' curry competition hospitalises two Diners suffered vomiting and cramps whilst participating in a 'world's hottest chilli' eating competition in Edinburgh David Batty guardian.co.uk, <time datetime="2011-10-05T23:05BST" pubdate="" style="padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px...
  13. Rogue Trader

    Best burgers in sinkieland. Anybody tried them? Comments pls..

    The Hit List - Best Burgers in Singapore dB Bistro Moderne to Morton's - here are our picks for best burgers Although once simply ground meat on a bun, burgers in Singapore have become a mark of culinary bragging rights, with Singapore restaurants offering up tons of variations in addition to...
  14. khunking

    Ang Moh Makansutra

    The 10 best sweet treats in Singapore Award-winning baker Dan Lepard reveals the best of Singapore's many pastry shops and cake stalls, where you can indulge in everything from delicious Chinese custard tarts to delicate French macarons Dan Lepard guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 27 April 2010...
  15. Loongsam

    HAWKERS are a scourge and greedy bastards in this country!

    HAWKERS are a scourge and greedy bastards in this country! Since the GST raise, then the scare of rice price increase which never happened, hawkers had been raising its food prices and NEVER come down. Now, for a bowl of mee pok, it can be either $3, $3.50, $3.80, $4.00, $4.50, $4.80. Now...
  16. B

    Awful smell at top level of HDB block

    Awful smell at top level of HDB block:eek: Wow ! you never believe what kind of smell come out from the Jurong area ! This morning… very early morning, about 4 am… yes ! I sure I am not dream at that hour, I smell SATAY !!! with … INSECTICIDE !?!?!?! what the Fish! is going on !??! who...
  17. metalslug

    Monkeys eat Hungry Ghost Festival food offerings

    Monkeys eat Hungry Ghost Festival food offerings http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/viewContent.jsp?id=30899 STOMPer Scare Crow saw two monkeys having a ball of a time, eating the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ food offerings, meant for the deceased. This STOMPer says...