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  1. teamspore

    The real reason for Martin Skrtel terrible backpass against Man City

    26 Aug 12: Liverpool 2-2 Man City The real reason for Martin Skrtel terrible backpass against Man City, what Skrtel really saw....
  2. Rogue Trader

    Tony Fernandes using QPR for advertising - MAS for home jersey, Air Asia for away

    Malaysia Airlines signs sponsorship deal with Queens Park Rangers Thursday, 15 September 2011 <tbody> Malaysia Airlines announced its deal with Queens Park Rangers Football Club (QPR) of United Kingdom to sponsor the jerseys of the club’s players during its home matches in the Barclays Premier...
  3. Rogue Trader

    Chelsea midfielder Obi Mikel's father kidnapped by Nigerian gang

    MIKELS WAIT FOR NEWS ON FATHER John Obi Mikel's brother admits he still has no idea as to the whereabouts of their father, who has been abducted in Nigeria. Michael Obi has been missing since he left work on Friday afternoon in the Nigerian city of Jos. On Monday, Chelsea midfielder Mikel...
  4. Rogue Trader

    Air Asia's Tony Fernandes buying EPL team Queens Park Rangers!

    Tony Fernandes poised to buy Bernie Ecclestone out of Queens Park Rangers • Asian businessman could be named as new owner on Monday • He will take charge alongside Lakshmi Mittal Tony Fernandes is set to take over the ownership of QPR alongside Lakshmi Mittal Photograph: Lai Seng Sin/AP Tony...
  5. J

    EPL - my BEst bet tonite

    The sure win bet is to Bet Total Goal OVER 2.5 on Chelsea match !!
  6. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Hmmm...only 1 game, difficult no choice but if really must bet, bet on Total Goal = Under 2.5 medium $. Maybe $500 as snack. More adventurous? then bet total goals = 1 n 2 equal amount, maybe $250 each. Hopefully next week got Main Menu, Big Dish !!
  7. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Betted $1540 on Totenham to win, hoping to earn 1K.
  8. J

    my Bet on Barc n Bund Tonite

    Wanted to bet total goals = Under on Bolton game but not offered, so have to bet total goals = 0,1 n 2 $390, $725 n $950 respectively. Also, bet 1K total gola = even for Man U game in Bunde, bet 2K on total goals = Over 2.5 for Hannover game. Also, $500 on total gola = even for cologne...
  9. J

    my Bet on Barcla n Bundes Tonite

    I want to bet 3K on Total goals UNDER 2.5 for Newcastle game but not offered, so have to settle for 1.5K on Arsenal game n 500 on total gola = EVEN for Man U game.. Also bet $250 each on zero goal for wigan n Portsmouth games - as desserts. Wanted to bet Total goals = EVEN for Cottbus...
  10. J

    my BET on SPL and GB 2nite

    I want to bet Total Goals Under 2.5 for Getafe game but Sg Pool not offering, so have to settle for Total Goals 1 n 2. If turn out to be 0, die standing! Also bet Total goals 2 n 3 on Sevilla game. Wanted to bet Total goals under 2.5 for Herta Berlin game, again Sg Pool not offering. Half...
  11. J

    my BET on EPL and GB 2nite

    I guess total goals in Chelsea's game should be 4 but after thinking the weather will go bad, I bet total goals = 1 instead. In the GB, Leverkusen cannot pass the handicap goal, so I bet 2K hoping to earn 1k. Also, I think Armenia will be at home comfort to prevail, hence betted 5H, as...
  12. J

    my BET on German League 2nite

    I bet 1K each on Total goals = 3 n 4 for d Cologne match 2nite. wats yours?
  13. J

    EPL - my bet today

    I wanted to bet $2K on TOTAL GOAL = Under 2.5 for the Fulham match but Sg Pool Not offering. So I bet $300 on TOTAL GOAL = Under 2.5 for the Arsenal match. wats yours?
  14. J

    EPL n SPL - My bet 2nite

    I bet $500 on Total Goals UNDER 2.5 for Man City game . I also want to bet $500 on Total Goal = ODD for Getafe vs Valadolid match but Sg Pool Not offering. asshole. not consistent in its offer.
  15. J

    EPL - my bet for today match

    Today I bet $2500 on Total Goals = Even for the Newcastle match. Wat's yours?
  16. J

    EPL n SPL - my bets for today

    I bet $1000 each on Total Goals = 3 for these matches: Valencia, Racing, Valadolid. Also, bet 2K on Total Goals UNDER 2.5 for Hull City match. Your wise comment pls.
  17. J

    Singapore Pools Not Consistent in offering bet type

    I like to bet $2000 on Under 2.5 (Total goals) for the match Bolton vs Blackburn BUT Singapore Pools NOT offering this bet. Any other place for me to place this bet? Why is it Singapore Pools sometimes offer and sometimes dont? And why they select some matches to offer this bet? Is...