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Thread: goondu YOG volunteers kena con by vivian with F1 tickets...OBIGOOD!!

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    Default goondu YOG volunteers kena con by vivian with F1 tickets...OBIGOOD!!

    goondu sinkies again...kena con to volunteering for YOG to get F1 YOG over got no ticket...then kpkb in stomp...OBIGOOD to u YOG volunteer suckers!!!....

    Posted on 26 Sep 2010
    YOG volunteers promised tickets to F1 finals but left to watch race on TV

    STOMPer Serene and her fellow YOG volunteers were promised F1 Grand Finals tickets after queueing for an hour on Sep 17. However the tickets were never received, leaving them to watch the race on television.

    Serene writes in her email contribution (Sep 26):

    "A few of my friends had been invited for the appreciation night at Universal Studios Singapore on 17th Sept, for being vounteers for the YOG.

    "We were rather surprised to realise 400 tickets for tonight's Grand Final F1 would be rewarded to volunteers!

    "We were so excited and full of energy to queue up for it. We managed to register for the tickets after an hour's wait.

    "The YOG organisers told us the tickets would be posted to us within 1 week, i.e. before today's race.

    "At this moment, I am now sitting in front of the TV watching the race! We feel we all have been fooled.

    "Is this the way the YOG organisers want to thank us by giving us false hope?
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    Default Re: goondu YOG volunteers kena con by vivian with F1 tickets...OBIGOOD!!

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