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Thread: Two jailed for sex with minors

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    Default Two jailed for sex with minors

    TWO men in their 20s were each jailed for six months yesterday – both for having had sex with underage girls.

    In one of the cases, the girl, now 14, became pregnant.

    She gave birth recently and the child is being looked after by her family.

    The father, a 26-year- old delivery man, indicated yesterday that he wished to marry her, but a police prosecutor told the court that her parents would not allow this on account of her age.

    He pleaded guilty to two charges of having sex with the girl, when she was 13, in a flat in Bedok last December and again in February.

    Introduced by a mutual friend around the middle of last year, they became a couple and engaged in consensual sex on those two occasions.

    She reported to the police in June that she was 23 weeks pregnant.

    In the other case, a man, 27, had sex with a 14-year- old girl at a staircase landing of a block of flats in Woodlands in October 2007.
    He, too, pleaded guilty.

    District Judge Low Wee Ping, referring to the man’s plans to marry someone else next month, said he would have to shelve that plan for the moment.
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    Default Re: Two jailed for sex with minors

    Confirm is a sinkie!!!!! Na beh being balless is one sin liao, still trying give problems for women.

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