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Thread: Believe Me All Gamblers Die Broke!

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    Default Believe Me All Gamblers Die Broke!

    In 2010 just before the opening of rws our dear lky tour the casino,he replied to one reporter about gambling..he says sure to lose so don't true because i have seen many of my friends including me lost all our pants in casinos,football,lotteries,horses..i have seen gamblers showing off all their chips gambling like there is no tomorow losing it all..

    lady luck can smile on you once in a blue moon..

    and amulets are only for monks

    A so call bola king called it a day.

    So is a horse player venting his frustration near kranji mrt.

    4D n toto is like that when you buy the number dont come out but when you dont buy the numbers comes out

    believe me people stop gambling listen to our beloved lky, don't end up like me having to working hard now like a donkey and others who i have seen who ended up far worst..

    Don't let the sadness of your past
    and the fear of your future
    ruin the happiness of your present.

    Everything you do is based on the choices you make.
    It's not your parents,your past relationships,your job,the economy,the weather,an argument
    or your age that is to blame.You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make<Period>

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    Default Re: Believe Me All Gamblers Die Broke!

    Served you right for bullying others that did no harm to you. Retribution time.

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