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Thread: Who is going to be responsible when things go wrong?

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    Default Who is going to be responsible when things go wrong?

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    Senseless prank no laughing matter

    ON MONDAY, I was walking near Cavenagh Bridge, just outside the Asian Civilisations Museum in Empress Place, when a man asked me if I had spotted a snake in the vicinity.
    Soon after, a "snake" fell on me from above. I was then informed that I had been filmed for the television series Just for Laughs, which features pranks played on ordinary people who are filmed by hidden cameras.

    Although I requested that the crew not use the footage, they could not give me a definite "yes" for an answer.

    Did it not occur to the producers that such a childish and senseless prank would compromise the safety and well-being of passers-by?

    I was carrying a cup of hot tea and with the scare I lost my footing and almost slipped and scalded myself. I consider myself fortunate that I did not fall and suffer any injury as a result, and dread to imagine the consequences if such a prank had been pulled on someone with a weak heart or on an elderly person.

    Cindy Lim (Ms)

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    Default Re: Who is going to be responsible when things go wrong?

    ah cindy ...

    can dey anyhow shoot u n show u on tv? ... if dey cant, sue dem la! ...

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    Default Re: Who is going to be responsible when things go wrong?

    OK they make a mistake in doing the flim in sinkieland as they are ignorant that it is populated with petty sinkies.

    But if they have done some research and offer $500 money thank you gift for this act, sinkie will request repeatedly if they can do another footage.

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