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Thread: Crumbling of Singapore?

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    Default Re: Crumbling of Singapore?

    "Singapore is losing out many trade deals and billion-dollar projects from China due to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s opposition against China. The Singapore PM openly called for ASEAN countries to oppose China’s claims on the South China Seas, and have repetitively made jokes about China’s environment issues e.g. calling their tap water “pork soup” and air “free smoke”. Lee Hsien Loong also allowed US military to conduct surveillance operations on China’s movements in Asia Pacific and refuse to respect the One-China Policy by continuing military operations in Taiwan."

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    Default Re: Crumbling of Singapore?

    With NS, LKY castrated half of Singapore's population. Using ISA on Francis Seow, LKY castrated the Law Society. Bringing Trade Unions under PAP, LKY castrated the Union leaders. Starting PA, LKY castrated the grassroot leaders. Rewarding his cronies with high pay in SPH, LKY castrated the media. Using castration and being successful in upgrading standard of living, LKY had a strong hold on Singapore.

    But LHL is not LKY. LHL lacks LKY's intellect and charisma. Because of his poor performance, poor leadership and bad track record, LHL is not able to command respect except from his closest cronies. That's why LHL resorted to reward his close cronies with ministerial posts and political posts. But these cronies are non performers and giving them such rewards alienates LHL from the people further.

    Also with social media, Singaporeans were able to see through PAP's evil.

    Singapore needs the civil service, media, civic society, law society, and all singaporeans to work for Singapore. LKY's hold on SG is loosening because of pap's performance and social media. Civil servants cant be too defensive and more singaporeans are against the pap. To thwart this trend, pap's hope is in harnessing the new citizens, even at the expense of depriving jobs to qualified and skilled singaporeans. Let us see what evil pap will come up with.

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