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  1. eatshitndie

    This Is How People Spend their Retirement Life in Spore?

    way better than retirement in sillycon valley.
  2. eatshitndie

    Serious PAP's sheer arrogance and contempt

    they are basics of life but they are not free. i have to pay pg&e (utilities provider) for utilities (gas and electricity) and the monthly bill cums to around $69. no kidding. for sewage and garbage disposal, i have to pay the city. monthly bill also cums out to $69 a month. no kidding. for...
  3. eatshitndie

    GPGT! Big Yummy fish auctioned @RMB$276888/= 152kg, 1.4m length

    quite yummy. marjojohn will say lau kway bu's tonic is the best and raiders will say bonkable.
  4. eatshitndie

    Responses to LHL’s NDR speech on cost of living:

    cheaper at east coast. but must line up behind bangla. :eek:
  5. eatshitndie

    Monkey king will take care of me when I am old

    piggy droid is better for you. he can service you all day and night without fail, especially late nights.
  6. eatshitndie

    Ang Moh Looking Flat-Chested Sinkie Beauty

    cheh. nobody can beat me in this category ok?
  7. eatshitndie

    Analysis of LHL's NDR speech on HDB flat upgrades.

    don't forget majority of sinkies are gongcheebyes. will fall for anything that has great sound bytes. only serious anal-ysis 69% of sinkies will do is whether kopi, kaya toast or kway teow goes up in price 6.9 to 69 cents. when it cums to long term leases, healthcare and or forward financial...
  8. eatshitndie

    Chitchat AMDK’s Sharp Quora Writeup ~ Sinkies are ungrateful lot who love pawning each other!

    have lah. not totally free but subsidized healthcare with "merdeka" package for those born in 50's.
  9. eatshitndie

    Chitchat 2005 Used Kia Picanto - Can Buy?

    if you're thinking of buying the cheapest kia, forget the picanto. get the 2018 kia rio 5-door hatchback. reasonably good review plus many improvements from the old cheapo 4-door rio.
  10. eatshitndie

    The Sham called Democracy

    trump is the best! maga maga.
  11. eatshitndie

    Chitchat AMDK’s Sharp Quora Writeup ~ Sinkies are ungrateful lot who love pawning each other!

    he is spot on. every time i go to east coast park, can see bangla workers relaxing and enjoying their day off farking pinay maids inside tents while sinkies who show up simply rush around to find parking spots, chope tables and shelters and line up at bedok lagoon hawker center for makan like...
  12. eatshitndie

    Chitchat Live stream (starting at 6.45pm) of LHL's 2018 National Day Rally! (I also added a poll for fun! haha)

    sextisfy sinkies with affordable hawker makan and increasing value in hdb flats will assure pappies of at least a 69% mandate. must not forget to keep these 2 promises cum next erection. sure win one. pap is the best!