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Shitty Headline News

Singapore Sex Tip for the Day
Are you on the verge of a Divorce? We have experts who can help you through the process .

There is no POVERTY in Singapore. There are NO BEGGARS on the streets! Yeah Right!
1st batch of homegrown Singapore Beggars!
2nd batch!... Perhaps Singapore should build a Beggarpolis... or would that be a Beggar HUB!
For more interesting info, visit Sam's Coffee Shop

When you purchase an HDB Pigeon Hole, what exactly are you paying for????
What does the Sammyboy Coffee Shop mean to Singaporeans living abroad?
A diehard PAP supporter claims he's now very disappointed with the Government. Find out why!
Cabinet Meeting - first topic on the Agenda?... those damn light bulb problems again.
Wanna renounce your Singapore Citizenship? Here's How!
How many Cabinet Ministers does it take to change a Lightbulb?
Shitty On-line Polls
There is a poll running on just about every damn issue under the sun at Sam's Place! Example:
What is Singapore's lowest life form?
Commercial Sex Centre
A Dummy's Guide to Fucking Around In Hadyai (replaces the previous Hadyai Guides) In PDF format.
A guide to Singapore's Health Centres.
Navigate Singapore's Red Light Districts with ease.... Click here for Geylang....Singapore's classiest whore house area.
Aussie Sex World - The Ultimate Sex Directory for the Lucky Country!
The Red Light District Guide
Unique Singapore Erotica
Sam's Erotica - Real People doing the Real Thing -(What sort of pictures do I get to see?)
If you saw this girl lying on YOUR bed, you'd pay for a fcuk too. View the pix at Sam's Picture Department!
Gorgeous Thai Chinese law student bears all for the guys at View these great pictures now!
OK we've seen loads of hookers in the nude. Now let's oggle at those delicous galfriends and flings. Doesn't his one look Absolutely Delicious!
Geylang 18 captures some great images of his "TN girl" experiences. He shares their sexuality at Sam's Place.
  Warning to gullible Singapore Men! This is how PRC Hookers operate! Don't end up being taken for a financial and emotional ride! (with the possibility of catching AIDS in the process!)
Capttiab's gorgeous gal positions her body in preparation for rear penetration. View the pictures at
You're strolling along a quiet beach somewhere in the little red dot and suddenly, you come across THIS!
Mrs Privpho continues to amaze the Nation with her daring displays of Sex in Public Places. You won't believe where they do it this time round. View the Pix here!
Hey all you avid Golfers out there! If you can sink this Putt, you're better than Tiger! Please claim your prize at Sammyboy's Place
Hidden Agendas
Has graffiti become an ongoing problem in the Little Red Dot?
Wanna renounce your Singapore Citizenship? Here's How!
Disgusting Habits on the MRT!
Yet more CRAP from the HDB regarding the definition of "subsidised" housing.
Sam's On-Line Emigration Centre
Does living in a confined space make you feel claustrophobic? How would you like to wake up every morning and see this instead? Sam's on-line emigration Centre helps you cut through the misinformation and a myriad of misconceptions about life outside of the little red dot. Get straight talking information and opinions to help you through the process.

Sam presents: 6 Common myths about emigrating to Australia dispelled in 2 minutes.

Of course topics like this always spur vigorous debate. Some agree with my perceptions.. some don't. The difference at Sam's Kopi Tiam is that you get to hear both sides of the story.
Can you afford NOT to Emigrate???  
101 Ways to Emigrate..
This "Quitter" left Singapore 12 months ago to settle in Melbourne. Does he regret making that move down under?
A 34 year old Singaporean gives his perspective of Australia after spending 8 years in the Lucky Country.
"I was born in Singapore, Lived in Singapore till I was 23 and went overseas to see what my actual limits were as I could not do this in the country of my birth."
A heartwarming story of a 40 year old S'porean widow who couldn't speak English but who possessed the tenacity and drive to make good in Australia. If she can do it, what on earth is stopping you??!!
Is your Organisation in deep shit? Why not try out the 2 cent solution that our super talented leaders have come up with....Just change the name.
More organisations changing their names to solve their problems.
The Life Cycle of a Typical Singaporean
A Singaporean finally realises (at the age of 40) that the "Singapore Dream" is nothing but a house of cards and gets ready to make his move.
"....I've been wanting to leave this shithole since I was 17 but got stuck all because of the government systems. 1st it's NS then it got worst. One thing leads to another. I've just hit my big 40 this year and enough is enough!!..."

At last, a reasonably balanced review of Sammyboy.

Full text of Sam's Interview with The New Paper. Read the parts which TNP left out.
How do the some of the local news publications get their "Stories" (eg the article on Commercial Sex and the Married Man?) Here is an article from someone who used to be on the inside....
The Singaporean Mentality captured.......! 
An Excellent Discussion regarding the moral dilemmas surrounding Prostitution as it is practised in Singapore
Annabel Chong! my favourite Babe! proceed here to view her Gang Bang action! See her getting fucked at an early age too. This photo session was taken long before she got balled by more than 250 men.
My comments regarding the Straits Times Article about Commercial Sex and the Married Man
Are you tired of writing to the ST Forum and having your letter either rejected or heavily edited? Well fret no more. Sam offers you a tool that will guarantee the publication of your letter, in its original form, or your money back!
Attn SPH Journalists! Are you living under the constant stress of having to meet tough deadlines while at the same time, having to be mindful about not going beyond those invisible OB markers? Well Sam has the ultimate solution for you... Sam's Article Generation Wizard.

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