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  1. rejang48
    rejang48 nextreal
    [email protected] Owners Club
    I am Herbert Wong. Like to join the whatsapp group for this club. I am especially keen to form a group to claim delay delivery of vacant possession compensation from MahSing. I did not revert to the papers but I believed we were at least 6 months late. Based on purchase price of say, RM1M, and 10%, this amounts to RM50k !

    My phone number is 96730052.
  2. leitaisoh
    Return of Leitaisoh redifusion story teller 2002 - 2012
  3. Marie Weaver
    Marie Weaver
    Android Oreo has created a buzz with its launch during solar eclipse.
  4. Immanuelang83
  5. loner
    Hi all....
  6. loner
    Life is short..Live wel!
  7. Nametaken
    Drunk in love
  8. Nametaken
  9. Sarah Ann Costello
    Sarah Ann Costello
    Let's talk sex
    1. Nametaken
      Sure why not
      Nov 2, 2017
  10. Kitkit00
  11. hf_gan
    hf_gan Leongsam
    Hi, I am new to this post, how do I pm u?
  12. horny191
    horny191 Leongsam
    Anyway to access the old sbf?
  13. SgFreddy
    bro,i am frm sbf.The previous link all cannot use alr.How ah...Wan find others thing lei
  14. errortobe
    errortobe Leongsam
    bro, im from sbf. seem like the link is down.
    my nick in sbf errortobe.
    can i know how to join ur telegram too?
  15. knopfler
    Wow! Well done! this website is Kickass!!!
  16. StanLeeKun
    StanLeeKun Leongsam
    Hello? Can I have your email please? Or any email of the website administration.
    1. Leongsam
      Just PM
      Oct 23, 2017
  17. Juicy Spicy
    Juicy Spicy
    New look & Professional for this forum, thumbs up, horray
  18. Gaziegigs
  19. Elizabeth Goh
    Elizabeth Goh
    My name is Elizabeth Goh. I am a Malaysian. Presently studying in Singapore. I am a lesbian and also extremely open minded
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  20. edwinssm