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[Video] - Israel Iran War: Israel Plans To Hit Iran ‘Clearly And Forcefully,’ Preparing Warplanes Now


May Israeli leaders MAKE the effort for ANOTHER THOUROUGH 6th or 7th Leadership summit in respond to the horrific ATTACK that IS against every International law after 2 appalling World Wars, from Persia Shia Iran.

The risks WILL be many, & 7 Billion Humankind will not disagree to the right to respond, as proportionate or disproportionate response is NOT based upon weapons used, or such being destroyed, but the INTENT of Persia Shia Iran, with only mere 300million followers worldwide but seeking for ISLAMIC SUPREMACY over 1 Billion Sunnis Worldwide, to kill Jews as a means to achieve such abomination as gods on Earth, when prophet Muhammad already taught that he is the LAST prophet & NOT a god - but only a Divine Messenger from Allah to preach Islam - a religion of Peace, to the brutal Arabic nomads & caravan raiders in Arabia, for progress & evolution

Bullets & bombs WILL NOT destroy any ideology, and can only be destroyed by ANOTHER better ideology.

The costly bombs & Collateral damage will not destroy the INTENT from the foolish gods on Earth of Persian Shia Iran ayatollahs & the power welding military.

It will be the Persian Iranians themselves, whom had been misled in 1979 when the FALSE gods, only mere mortals, on Earth ruled Iran. whom WILL make the difference & choice once again, to seek for freedom for peace, progress, justice, evolution, etc - ideals of Humanity, or to submit themselves to another theology rule, which is unlikely after the sufferings they had endured since 1979.....

3000 Shia mosques had been burnt down, which is a telling sign of the discontent of the masses whom only sought to put food on the table for loved ones, like all 7 Billion Humankind.

Also, many of those dissidents, even innocent women whom forgot to wear a hijab in the rush to pick up her child at school, were sentenced to prison by the ayatollahs & the military generals whom depended on the ayatollahs to keep the citizenry in line as well as funds for their seemingly glorified upkeep - best of every privileges in life compared to ordinary citizens even in the economic disasters that their leaders wrought upon them....

Instead of bombs -

1. airdropped leaflets or thru trusting media channels to warn Persian Iranians of impending strikes, to stay away from military sites.
2. source for opportunities to free all the incarcerated Persian Iranians dissidents & destroy those security compounds.
3. Arms is a Human Right to defend oneself & be made available to all Persian Iranians.

There are MANY MORE ways to retaliate against Persia Shia Iran than mere missiles. Revealing such would only help those false gods on Earth. The insignificant nobody me am sure the Israelis are far far more intelligent than the mere me.....

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Alfrescian (Inf)
Israeli can freely spend US money ...without the US military aid, the IDF will have to ration its weapons.
Thanks to Israel, US debt will reach $36 trillion sooner than expected ...the fun will begin then.


Jews are the divine rulers. Only they can kill and murder gentile and get away from the law.

They already murdered many gentiles using covid vaccine and no one can throw them into the prison for this very reason.

People should stop watching the drama on tv already. It is all fictional story to brainwash your mind
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