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tulan woman say her hubby is a "鸡王", total spend $300k on 3k chickens in 40yrs


KNN, shld go hatyai call chicken, spend less than that and yet wifey will not know, dont believe me ask GMS lah :wink::p

妇女指夫是“鸡王” 40年来嫖妓3000次








Date Masamune


At least u can understand forummer LeeLaoPeh better with (s) than translation from Google. :eek:

Women that is why it is "chicken king" 3,000 prostitutes in 40 years

56-year-old woman blew, the husband is the "chicken king", from pre-marital sex with prostitutes to the present, a total of 40 years to visit a prostitute at least 3,000 times, spending more than 30 million.

Mrs Wong (56 years old, production workers), said her husband of 36 years she has endure from age 20 to marry her husband, and his father of a man and a woman, but only to find her husband after marriage young age prostitution, although Each promised to change, but it has not materialized.

"I gave birth to son after 22 years of age, kicked him once, I asked him if he did not prostitute? He thinks I do not mind, the result of 16 years old when admitted to trying."

She said when she was angry, but also had an attempt at suicide, to jump, and jumping into a river, but also a pregnancy with more than 1 year old son to return to Malaysia.

Mrs Wong said her husband each time to take advantage of shipping prostitutes, so every time the goods are sent very late.

"I pressed whether he still went to prostitutes, and he admitted that if cut, Jalan Besar, Geylang prostitutes and even the cloud has to also write down all the 'costs'. He averaged about a week 3,4 times, over the years had at least 3,000 prostitutes prostitute and spent more than 30 million. "



Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

The husband is a cock brain. Rule Number One for cheongsters is, "Unless you are caught in action, OTHERWISE, JUST DENY"!!!

Besides, all woman will say they won't mind and is a thing of the past, but when you admit, you are FINISHED!!!

Too much sperm flowing up his brains!!



He use $300,000 to fuck 3,000 chickens. So 1 chicken is cost $300.

I wonder what kind of expensive chicken he fuck.


Translated News Article:


SINGAPORE - A 56-year-old woman has accused her husband of visiting prostitutes 3000 times and spending over $300,000 on them.

Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported Mrs Huang as saying that her 59-year-old husband had been visiting prostitutes for the past 36 years ever since they were married. This was after they had a son and a daughter together.

Her husband had also not changed his ways despite his promises to her.

She had also got into countless arguments with him and threatened to commit suicide. She also brought their son back to Malaysia while she was pregnant with another child.

According to Shin Min Daily News, she discovered a Chinese woman calling his phone while they were out shopping for groceries.

Mrs Huang told the Chinese newspaper that her husband usually visited prostitutes while delivering goods at night. He had also allegedly brought her brother to Geylang when the brother was on a visit here.

Asked why she does not divorce him, Mrs Huang says she to do so would be to admit that she had wasted 40 years of her youth on him, which she is not willing to do.

Mr Huang told reporters that he regrets his actions, and now entrusts his whole salary to his wife. He also admitted that he had visited prostitutes for more than 30 years, up till 2007.

But he says he is a changed person now. His wife still calls him up to check on his whereabouts, but he has asked her to not let the past haunt her and 'let bygones be bygones.'


Must die die deny one.

If the women always nag, where got mood to shack her? The wife talk so much but will not divorce then call the media for what?

The men probably needed some excitement because wife dun give BBBJ, Hot and Cold Treatment, CFM Look, Ass Rimming, CIM, CIB, CIF, Ego Boosting Moans?