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Those who knock people down at zebra crossings should be punished to the harshest ext

Discussion in 'The Political / Serious Zone [no rep deductions]' started by bic_cherry, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Those who knock people down at zebra crossings should be punished to the harshest extent of the law.
    Gahmen should SUSPEND CAR DRIVER LICENSE to encourage car driver to go car free.

    Main concept in traffic laws is for vulnerable road users to be protected and for harmonious use of transport infrastructure.

    All vulnerable road users are expected to cross at designated crossing areas so as to ensure safe use of road/path infrastructure.

    Max speed limit on foot path is mow 15kph, park connectors limit is 25kph. Whilst cyclist are advised to dismount from bicycle to avoid cars which are above speed limit/ criminally refuse to stop, all car drivers should be well aware that cyclist do use the pedestrian/ cyclist crossings and should be ESPECIALLY YIELDING when approaching any pedestrian crossing.

    15-25kph isn't a fast speed although it is faster than walking/ running speed of 5-12kph respectively, much less than the appropriate speed for cars passing by a pedestrian zebra crossing which shouldn't exceed 30kph.

    It is only logical that at all zebra crossings, approaching cars should slow down to below the maximum speed for the foot path (~20kph)/ a speed proportional to the ability of the driver/car to stop for a PMD traveling at the maximum allowed speed limit (30kph with car driver's foot on the brake peddle, ready to stop) since the PMD are in the vulnerable position and the zebra crossing is the designated crossing point for pedestrians and PMD to cross.

    Some car drivers also prefer PMD users to cross at their maximum path speed limit (15-25kph) since a prompt crossing would allow car drivers to move off faster rather than wait for the PMD user to slowly push their PMD across the zebra crossing. Some PMD like skateboards, segway, Ninebot One wheel are also heavy/ unsuitable to be pushed and would result in a prolonged time to cross roads should the user need to carry/ push the device across the road. An aging society with many seniors in electric wheelchairs with a 25kph speed limit are also UNABLE to dismount, and may be vision impaired resulting in poorer break-throttle coordination when crossing the road.

    Zebra crossings are efficient ways to allow vulnerable footpath users like cyclist and pedestrians to cross since traffic light operated crossings would require significantly more infrastructure investment which would likely mean higher ERP and road taxes, higher fines and penalties, higher petrol taxes to pay for the pedestrian traffic lights controlled crossings construction and maintenance.

    Unless the car driver can prove that the cyclist travelled in excess of the speed limit of the footpath /park connector, it is likely that the car driver should be 100% at fault for failing to keep a lookout and prepared for such eventuality by always reducing one's speed to 20-30kph whenever approaching a pedestrian zebra crossing junction.

    In a car free society, the default mode of transport is by bicycle or public transport. The operation of a motorised vehicle is a privilege premised upon the strict abidance to defensive driving skills above normal traffic rules.

    As such, those who show blatant disregard especially for vulnerable road users by speeding upon approach to zebra crossings/ knock down pedestrians/cyclist at pedestrian crossings should be punished to the harshest extent of the law. A prescribed driving license suspension would force these errant drivers to go car free so as to develop in them the necessary empathy for vulnerable road users, only then can Singapore be a compassionate, united and cohesive society and a truly GREEN city.

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