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Strategy to live to 120yrs old...


Strategy to live to 120yrs old...

'chettiar'(SGtalk) said:
84 now , any secret to live long life ?:thinking:thinking
Eat well n exercise. Human body is like a baby, new cells form all the time, need to be guided (developed) and not allowed to go astray (mutate, become cancers etc).

Just like mammary glands (aka boobs), need to feed baby with milk to make them MATURE (and in becoming mature, reduce their risk of becoming cancerous in the long run).

EXERCISE will help cellular components of the body develop in unison: brain connected to nerve, connected to muscle and sensory systems in the reverse direction etc. Without exercise, these systems will not be coordinated resulting in a clumsy, sickly person: like Humpty dumpty : bones (/shell) easily broken (osteoporosis). Exercise is important to develop good muscle tone etc: very important for long periods of desk bound work etc as only that would combat back aches etc. A higher metabolic rate (from good muscle tone ) will prevent diabetes and its multitude of associated complications.

Toxin removal is important too. Just like all dogs need to be walked/ be active to get bowels moving to defecate, one needs to exercise (besides colon friendly diet) to excrete waste (feces), otherwise, colon cancer risk will increase because of the carcinogens and toxins retained due to constipation.

Non smoking is important because multiple carcinogens are found in cigarette smoke and they race around the body with every puff.

Doing charity work is very important to keep one's feet firmly planted on the ground. This will reduce blood pressure and stress, as stress hormones put the immune system to hibernation state (perceived emergency situation: flight+fight response): this will lead to cancer cells being overlooked and only discovered when it is too late (late stage).

Finally, sufficient sleep, at least ~8 hrs daily (considering the amt of exercise done) is necessary for the mental and physical systems to be recharged and renewed. Failure to perform this form of 'maintenance' work would result in premature degenerative symptoms like dementia and also cancers due to weakened immune system.

U cannot change much already done the last 84years, but best of luck looking forward to 120 years old.
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