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[Sg] -Pes E EDMWer dulan that MinDef won't let him run SAF marathon, claims he's just as fit as any Pes A guy!


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

Y_Shun :​

I know some of you do not give a f*** regards to Army AHM and also to people who are PES E.

But never have I felt such an insult and discrimination for being a PES E guy. Even for someone graded PES E, also can be physically fit please.

So the story goes: I signed up for this year's 2022 AHM with the intention to do it as a cumulative run with my fellow PES A/B friends. But I have not received my race pack when my friends have done so. So I went to check my email and noticed a few days before the race starts (today, 25 Sep is race start date), I was refunded my race fee on 21 Sep.

No further emails on why the sudden refund, so I further went to email/check with the people and it seems that this year they seemed to deny all PES E servicemen citing the reason below. I managed to know some other PES E people who signed up managed to receive an official email that they are not eligible.
Dear XXX, the Organising Committee prioritises the health and safety of our participants. As you are medically ineligible to participate in the run due to your PES status, we seek your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mind you - there are a couple of waiver and indemnity clauses stated in their T&C to indemnity them from further liability. So what is the issue here?

I feel the need to write this because it is just so wrong at so many levels for them to exclude PES E people for a half marathon this year. So does this means all PES E people going to be excluded from future versions of this race?
In that case please do not call it a Army Half Marathon, because this means that PES E people who have served the army are not even eligible for this. Or is the committee here saying PES E people are not part of the army? So much for serving 2 years of my NS life to get disrespected.

I am also disturbed by the point that if you are going to exclude PES E people, please indicate it clearly upfront then, and also rename the race since obviously the organizing committee here does not regard PES E's army contributions as valid and that we are too weak to do a half-marathon.

FYI - I managed to sign up the event last year and done it with my friends and fortunately I am still alive.

Yup, rants out. Thanks.


Alfrescian (Inf)
He should thank Mindef for disallowing him to run and not to drop dead. Fitness is a self- illusion!

Scrooball (clone)

Should out this bastard and fuck him. PES E are the most despised bunch in the army. Worse than a pimp. Slightly above a child rapist in terms of stature.