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Police called in to stop a fight between coolie genes Sinkie and Braised Meat Stall Owner!



'You can't afford it, is it?' Row erupts between vendor and customer at Ang Mo Kio market, police called in​

'You can't afford it, is it?' Row erupts between vendor and customer at Ang Mo Kio market, police called in

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

'You can't afford it?' These words alleged uttered by a market vendor to a customer sparked a row on Friday (May 10), and police were called in.
According to a Shin Min Daily News report on Saturday, the altercation occurred at a market located at Block 527 Ang Mo Kio 10 at around 8am.
The BBQ and braised meats stall owner surnamed Wu, 46, told Shin Min Daily News that the argument had erupted following a customer's enquiry about the price of his braised pork.

"The moment she came to my stall she complained that my braised pork was too expensive. So I simply said, 'If you think it's too expensive then don't buy'. She then started to scold me and I scolded her back," said Wu.
He alleged that his mobile phone was also knocked to the ground in the ensuing fracas.
When contacted by a Shin Min reporter, the customer, surnamed Yu, had a slightly different take on what had transpired.
According to the 40-year-old medical worker, she and her husband had just bought some braised duck wings from another stall when they chanced upon Wu's braised meat stall.
Upon asking the price, Yu alleged that Wu retorted, "You can't afford it, is it?"

She claimed that Wu also spewed vulgarities at her and so she clapped back.
She added that Wu kept holding up his mobile phone camera to her face and it had brushed against her nose. He'd also posted footage of her on his TikTok account, she alleged.
"I was just trying to block his phone with my hand, then he suddenly lost his grip and the phone fell," said Yu.
Yu surmised that Wu might have been unhappy that she'd bought items from his competitor.
"There might be some tension between the two vendors and he might have been unhappy as I'd purchased the duck wings from the other stall," Yu told Shin Min.

According to the Chinese evening daily, the police arrived at 8.10am following a call and officers successfully mediated between the two parties.


the stupidity is getting out of control in this overcrowded shithole........they should just kill each other as its a real big matter.......jesus christ


Alfrescian (Inf)
"...officers successfully mediated between the two parties." Did they apologise to each other and shake hands or what? Lol