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new Kim Chi Law: Refusing Serve NS = serve in Labour Prison Camp 3 years! PAP must learn! Gulag in Pulau Tekkong pse

war is best form of peace



2020年01月01日 09:56 观察者网




2019年1月29日,在韩国一韩军训练营的一群新兵 图源:韩联社

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South Korea's move is too harsh: for religious reasons, he refused to serve in the military and worked in prison for three years

January 01, 2020 09:56 Observer


(Observer.net) South Korea has made a tough move in the military service.

According to the Yonhap News Agency on the 30th, South Korea ’s Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that Korean men who have refused military service due to religion or personal religious belief will be allowed to work in local prisons for three years instead of South Korea ’s two-year compulsory military service.

Screenshots from Yonhap News Agency

According to Korean law, all physically fit Korean men must serve in the military for a period of about two years. Escaping service will be sentenced to prison.

And just last Friday, the South Korean parliament passed a bill that would allow men who refuse military service for personal religious reasons to serve in prison for 36 months instead of joining the army.

According to the bill, those who refuse military service for religious reasons such as "freedom of conscience" can choose to serve in an educational reform facility for 36 months. The alternative military service system will be officially implemented in January 2020.

A group of recruits at a Korean military training camp on January 29, 2019 Source: Yonhap

According to the bill, when the system was first implemented, the relevant service personnel would uniformly serve in educational and reforming facilities. After the system is perfected and taken root, the service units will be expanded to fire departments and welfare agencies.

In fact, the Korean court passed a landmark constitutional ruling in 2018 before the new law was passed. The ruling states that it is necessary to provide a small number of religious believers with an alternative form of military service that does not involve the use of firearms or other weapons.

South Korea's Ministry of Defense earlier announced the new plan and said it had taken into account fair treatment of active duty soldiers and some key principles to prevent the use of new regulations to evade recruitment.

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I want feedback


High SES Melvyn Tan got $5000 for National Service AWOL.

once PAP falls,reopen and jailed him via retrospect sentencing.


Sg same la refuse to serve also 3 years Changi Prison.

Not true leh, jail term usually less than 3 months. You can also escape NS, ignore enlistment notice, leave the country and tell paps to fuck off. Go play football and tell paps limpeh not sgaporean because daddy is British although a permanent shit in SG.