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New Creation Church Says We never Force you People To Donate Money Hor.....


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Church explains remuneration matters

WE REFER to Mr Bruce Chan's Forum Online letter last Thursday, "Business and religion: Where do you draw the line?" We thank him for his letter and take this opportunity to answer some of the questions he raised.
Mr Chan asked about the stakes and shareholders of our business entities. All our business entities are fully owned by the church. Appointed shareholders hold shares of these entities with proper trust deeds confirming that these shares are held in trust for and on behalf of New Creation Church.

Not a cent is paid to the directors and shareholders whether as salaries, bonuses and dividends, or through any other means. Due to the legal setup, any future payment of dividends by any of these entities will be payable only to the church.

Information relating to Rock Productions, including our rationale for building an Integrated Civic, Cultural and Retail Hub, can be found on our website (www.newcreation.org.sg).

The "membership cards" that Mr Chan referred to are, in fact, partnership cards issued by Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc (JPM). JPM is a United States-registered non-profit charity classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. All donations received through JPM are channelled into broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ to both secular and religious television networks, such as ABC Family, USA Network, CNBC Europe and Trinity Broadcast Network. These partnership cards are given to recognise television viewers who desire to partner with the vision of JPM to see the gospel preached all around the world.

New Creation Church has never promoted or distributed these partnership cards to our congregation through any of our services, nor do we intend to do so in the future. We believe that 99 per cent of our members have never heard of this partnership card before the publication of Mr Chan's letter.

On the point of accountability and governance of money matters, we reiterate that New Creation Church is not a public charity and does not solicit public donations. Our congregation give of their tithes and offerings as an act of worship and thanksgiving to our God.

Having attended our services, I am sure Mr Chan will attest to the fact that there is absolutely no compulsion to give whether in tithes or offerings, and any giving is done out of a willing heart.
We cannot agree with Mr Chan's idea that a church open to the public should then be held accountable to every person who voluntarily gives an offering, whether large or small.

Every giver is appreciated and it is taken in good faith that he believes in the elected leadership and will trust them to make good decisions for the particular church he has chosen to attend, whether as a member or a visitor.

A remuneration committee, made up of elected independent members of our church council, decides on the remuneration of our staff, including our senior pastor. These independent members are not employed or paid by the church or any of its business entities. Our voting members elect these council members into office during our annual general meetings and these council members are entrusted with the responsibility of formulating management, operational and remuneration policies.

This brings us to the issue of transparency and governance. Mr Chan may not be aware of the reports of a review initiated by the Commissioner of Charities in October 2007. Two large auditing firms were tasked to look into the corporate governance, internal controls and regulatory compliance of the seven highest-income religious organisations in Singapore. Ernst & Young was appointed to review New Creation Church's practices, including the relationships between the church and its business entities.

Being a registered society in Singapore, we have our Constitution to abide by and we are accountable to not just our members, but also to the authorities and the laws that govern our nation. Last September, we were proud to have been given a clean bill of health as announced by the Commissioner of Charities through the media.

As to whether there should be a relook at policies for religious organisations, we trust that our authorities will introduce new legislation where they see fit.

Once again, we thank Mr Chan for this opportunity to answer his queries and would like to encourage him to contact the church office directly should he require further clarification.

Matthew Kang

Honorary Secretary and Lead Independent Council Member

New Creation Church


Latest comments
In God we trust.

In people who use God's name to create wealth, we THRUST!

Honey-loo-ya. horny-loo-ya, hairy-loo-ya.........................!
Posted by: Procrusteans at Wed Apr 15 09:57:35 SGT 2009

I am not one against paying the Lord's workers. It is a necessary and an accepted practice since the early days of the church. However, I would like the senior pastor to seek the Lord's guildiance on the following thoughts in regards to the amount of the renumeration.

As Christians we worked to spread the good news of salvation. We enter into the ministry not to make a "reasonable" income.... at least I hope that was not our aim when we started. If by doing what we do I put a stumbling block before my fellow believers... Paul will refrain from doing it. Already we are hearing voices of contention and fractions in the church. Voices that goes to the state of saying..."that those that are not happy can go?! If we are willing to loose souls (even one) to hold our worldly grounds than we are not in this for Christ.

I am sure the church is doing things that are legally right. But Christians we should not judged ourselves by standards of this world. In due time all of us will meet our Creator, will we stood before him embarrased and shy or will we goes to him fill with joy knowing that he will tell us well done. We all knows that seemingly small sin if left unattended to will spread and may ultimately consume the whole. Let us be aware.

It has been trendy in the buisness world over the last decade to heap rewards on CEOs. Over the last couple of years greed as taken over the financial world and it is now undergoing a very painful healing. The wages of sin is death and that has been the case in the past and is the same now and in the future. There is nothing new under the sun, what we have done has been done before, what has happen now has happen before. But has the very limited being we are... we have to learnt many of these lessons ourselves.

I have often illustrated to my colleagues that we acan do a hundred good things, save a hundred lives. But that still does not entitled us to do one bad thing and kill one person. The day when we told our Lord that we have save a thousand souls and when he ask us why we knowingly condemned one soul to die, what will we say? I am not perfect as are all of us in this world, but when we knowingly do what is wrong , who do we serve.

We cannot serve two master. Either we are for one or for the other. Let the holy spirit speak.

May the Lord continues to bless the church.
Posted by: philipnghoejin at Wed Apr 15 09:55:44 SGT 2009

Oh!! come on Kang .... what is there to explain??? .... u don't join this organisation for nothing lah !!!!

You guys are all in it !!! ...... for the love of money ....... please admit it ???

Don't pull my legs - today's church is all about money, money, money ...

You and princy may said that "we" don't need "money" .....

But .... just imagine ..... with money .... NCC can buy almost everything ........

Stop being hypocrite ..... please !!!!
Posted by: golden88 at Wed Apr 15 09:03:03 SGT 2009


By the way, I am not from New Creation. Just feel that PUBLIC has no say cos we don't tell other organisations how they should manage their money.
Posted by: steckysltan at Wed Apr 15 08:56:07 SGT 2009

Dear Gui 1977,

If you are "unhappy with the sums of money paid, whether to pastors or monks", then you will be unhappy over many, many other issues in life. There are many other CEOs in big organisations who are earning much more. Why don't you question? Don't say it is because Pastor Prince is a Pastor.

If the donations or tithe come from NCC members and they understand well on how the money is being used, then who are you to have so many opinion?

This is not public donation and I feel that they are not accountable TO PUBLIC. Did you give a single cent? If you want to be deeply unhappy, then so be it. It is difficult to please everyone.
Posted by: steckysltan at Wed Apr 15 08:53:07 SGT 2009


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Mindsets about charity and religion have changed

TWO letters on April 7 made excellent observations about charity and religion: Mr Paul Chan's "It can't be about top dollar for top talent" and Ms Angie Monksfield's "Paying monks contradicts Buddhist code".
Charitable and religious organisations are not wealth-generating engines. It is against the principle of charity and the spirit of religion if office holders are rewarded excessively from donated funds meant for targeted beneficiaries.

Is it because the cost of living has gone up so substantially that religious leaders feel compelled to be accorded high salaries?

To many, the idea of religion remains a simple one, where those who have chosen to follow the spiritual path require only the most basic of material needs: three meals a day, clothes for covering oneself and shelter.

Big cars and houses and a substantial bank balance are not the accoutrements of a priest, monk or nun.

Times have changed and it is unfortunate that mindsets about the intermingling of money with religion have as well.

Jasbir Singh

Latest comments
Change !!! what change !!!

From beginning to now .... isn't it about money,,,, and more money .... to fill up these "hungry hypocrite" charity workers and religious leaders ....

It is most unfortunate that during the past years .... Singaporeans are to "timid" and "afraid" to confront these
"hungry hypocrite" charity workers and religious leaders by the horns ......

Now, "hard luck" ..... situations have changed ..... Tks to the Government that every organisation must be held accountable and transparent .....

Well done !!!.... PAP Government ........

....................for taking "Durian", "Botak" and so forth to justice ....
Posted by: golden88 at Wed Apr 15 09:38:22 SGT 2009

A Shankar

From what I understand, Christians are "Encouraged" to donate 10% of their total income every month. Like other religion, Muslim has Zakat, Buddhist has Offerings, Hinduism has Tithings. Does such wealth meant that Singapore has more Christians than others? Or simply having richer members than other religion?

No money matter is involved in the realisation and visualisation of God, the only thing that can be a hurdle is our ’ahamm’ or ego of power, money, knowledge or status.


has the $500,000 cause any brethren to fall and lost faith in the process?

this should be the standard that the renumeration is being assessed,,,,


has the $500,000 cause any brethren to fall and lost faith in the process?

this should be the standard that the renumeration is being assessed,,,,

nobody lost faith
they are encouraged to take up a second faith.... money
this standard cannot work lah... :biggrin:


whatever it is, public money or private. its all in the heart. $500,000 phew!
This is Pastor Prince Salary, do you know how much Pastor Kong Hee and his wife Pastor Sun Ho are collecting from their City Harvest Church?

I dont know about Pastor Kong Hee salary, but I believed it should be around Pastor Prince range, and Pastor Kong Hee also kept on promoting her wife Pastor Sun Ho albums and her fashion shops in Orchard Rd, to asked all his members to buy her albums and purchased fashion clothes and items from his wife Pastor Sun Ho shops too.

I have a friend young relative who attended City Harvest Church and this joker who is not working and a student, went to Pastor Sun Ho fashion shop and bought a normal fashion cap for $100 over dollars, can you believe that?

I think both Pastor Kong Hee and her wife Pastor Sun Ho are making at least $1 million dollars together every year from their church and her shops.


Tee Keee need to give sermon in church tomorrow. Anyway I believe he abstains from sex at Sabbath. Getting fucked here on Sundays just won't do!...lol...lol

angie II

Alfrescian (Inf)

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast,
for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
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This soothing music is for NCC but it suits retard clinton666 best.



The Pastor's "Pastor" wife!

Comes to think about it, when someone who declare themselves that they are anti-christ, at least you know that they are the bad guys. And they have the guts and balls to declare themselves that they are bad.

Much better than the so called 'christians' hypocrites, outside they acted as if they are the angels and pastors guiding their sheep in the church. But inside them, they are the devils and wolves dressed up as a shepherd and slaughter all their sheep inside their church.


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Tee Keee need to give sermon in church tomorrow. Anyway I believe he abstains from sex at Sabbath. Getting fucked here on Sundays just won't do!...lol...lol

is teekee right handed ?

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tomorrow he must also give money

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not every sunday again
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Alfrescian (InfP)
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no more amazing grace for teekee tomorrow instead he will be taught another new song ...

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