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M'sian jailed for video recording woman in toilet

Discussion in 'Singapore Crime' started by Zhen Ji, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Zhen Ji

    Zhen Ji Guest

    Feb 9, 2011

    M'sian jailed for video recording woman in toilet

    A MALAYSIAN student was jailed for two weeks on Wednesday for using a mobile phone to video record a woman using the toilet cubicle.

    Om Shanmugam Balaraman, 19, admitted to insulting the modesty of the 30-year-old woman at a staff toilet of a bank in the downtown area on Dec 24 last year.

    A magistrate's court heard that Shanmugam went to the toilet to ease himself, after which he was washing his hands when he saw the complainant walk in. He smiled at her.

    When the complainant was using the last cubicle, he went to the next cubicle and took out his Nokia phone.

    He put it in a video recording mode and held it over the partition of the cubicle to video record the complainant for fun.

    The complainant saw a shadow from the toilet floor and sensed that someone had entered the adjacent cubicle.

    She then looked up and saw a white cellphone, shouted and Shanmugam fled.
    He kept the phone in his left shoe and denied having one when confronted by the woman and other staff members.

    Police came and found his mobile phone which contained a video clip showing the complainant sitting on a toilet bowl and playing with her cellphone.


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