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Chitchat MRT safety top priority


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
A track fault near Bishan MRT station resulted in delays for commuters travelling southbound from Yishun to Toa Payoh during the morning peak period.

The disruption was first announced by SMRT just before the start of train service at 5am, warning commuters of additional 20 minutes travelling time from Yishun to Toa Payoh.


top priority for safety first!!!
well done SMRT!!!

This was later revised to 10 minutes in another tweet at 8.05am.

It was reported by The Straits Times that the fault occurred near Bishan swimming complex. Electrical arcing had caused the rubber insulator between the running rail to melt, resulting in a gap in the track.

In an update on 8.22am, SMRT announced on Facebook that North-South line trains towards the city has been travelling at a reduced speed from Ang Mo Kio to Bishan due to safety reasons since the start of service this morning.

It also said that the speed restriction was imposed over a 150 metre stretch of track between Ang Mo Kio and Bishan MRT stations.


Alfrescian (Inf)
They didn't text the SMRT Taxis..or Uber or Grab or....to grab whole of the situation, to make money...??


Alfrescian (Inf)
we should stop Flogging a dead horse (aka Saw PH) as she left on January 2012-almost 6 years ago.
Even though she was CE0,she reported to a Board of Directors that report to Temasek- so the Board and Temasek are just as guilty unless someone tells me she has unlimited authority to do anything!.
Saw has long gone but The Board and Temasek remains- and things got worst!

SMRT runs the N-S,E-W ,Circle Line and BP LRT system but I have heard people blaming Saw for the other lines breakdown also.
You are playing into the hands of the PAP-keep on blaming Saw while Khaw and the rest of the cabinet continue laughing to the bank and LSH travels to America to spend US$13.8b to shake hands with trump.