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MC, MA -Ujana Building Management


Can the MC unilaterally change the colour schemes of the different lift lobbies without prior consultation with Owners ?

Can the MC force a rule of “No Photo Taking” all over Ujana ?

Can the MC say, “side of Building, car cannot park”, but later Parks at such same site, citing “Management Rights” ?

What are the Qualifications One must have, to be a MA ?

“On Tuesday, 20 February 2018,

2018, Feb.20th, ~16.30h,
Good Day,

En. Ahmad Humaizi bin Ismail,
cc Ujana MC, MA, Chairman,

..instead of addressing the Fundamental issues this Ujana Chairman - from the tone of his letter - seems to be trying to cover-up the abuses* by Eve and her Husband.
The Company,"Zoom Management and Services" was set up, only AFTER the AGM and have no proper track record experience, nor expertise in Managing Properties.

*MA plays Exclusive Property-Leasing Agent, uses House-Rules to Force Owners to Submit respective Tenancy Agreements (..thereby enjoying privilege information)
Eve's Son, Loitering around Ujana at various occasions,..

Installing Massage Chair in the Management office
Installing a Camera at the Counter, to spy on all visitors
2017 November, Cashing-Out Personal Bonus Cheques of Eve, whilst delaying cheque payment to ex-staff,and semi-privately defaming Ex-staff by informing another Owner that, "A.....was terminated due to criminal theft,..."
Eve and Husband now also becomes tenant of Ujana, by staying in one of the Units,..

Instead of calling me upon my repeatedly request for service,

This MC/MA instead chose to hide and
My recent Feedback of Feb.7, 2017, remains not even acknowledged by Eve till today, Feb.20th !

On Feb 7/8th, I understand Eve is on 'Medical Leave" again,..thus my queries at the counter.

1. My Feb.9th Email to COB,only replied by MC today, Feb.20th

MA is supposed to keep an Owner's Registrar, Inventory List.

Till today, this information is Still NOT Forthcoming, NOT Ready, and I am sure that there are more than 70 Owners

2. & 3. MC denies, of course - but Have NO Proof of such.

From the Past date-stamped messages, and sequences, it is obvious that my contacts Were Stolen by Eve, orchestrated+ by Chairman Lawrence.

+Last Year, When Chairman, Eve, & Husband was at Dinner with me in Gelang Patah - and another owner, Dennis Wong Whatsapp'd to Group about Ujana Issues.

Instead of Eve's reply, Lawrence Dictated to Eve, and made the impresion that it was Eve who replied, and using my name as being associated with them.

Such Actions by Chairman shows a very cunning, Mischievous, unethical Personality.

4. There was instead personal Attacks on me by Eve/Chairman, by broadcasting my car being clamped, my motorbike,...threatening to get me and my wife arrested,...etc.,..

The MC/MA interpreted my comments as Personal because they FAIL to admit their mistakes and in competencies in Managing Ujana.

Eve cannot even tell the difference between the Ground Floor Booster Pump, with the Roof-top Water Booster Pump, and thought that the Booster Pump was in the riser room on my floor.

There was NO sincere attempt by MC/MA to work on issues, but merely to cover-up , and often divert issues.

5. This reply by MC is NOT True. Because many Notices remains undelivered to Owners

The occupancy of Ujana is NOT as Important as Fixing the Fundamental Defects of Ujana, i.e. Lifts, Roof, Fire Monitors,..etc.,..
The Objective of MC/MA is to Serve ALL Owners - including Owner-occupiers.

This act of using ALL Common Funds, to serve only the Profit-Centric Owners, IS A CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST BY MC/MA,

Especially so when the MA uses Common Ujana Time to pursue additional Commisions, profits which goes 50% directly into the Pocket of Eve.

7. All my Reports can be supported by Recorded Evidence.

By alleging my Reports as False, this MC is simply in Denial-mode.
When I ask the Counter Staff a simple Question, this Staff refuses to give me answer,...and now I am accused of "harassing" staff ?

Instead of telephoning me directly, this Chairman, and Eve chooses to manipulate WA Chat sentiments to paint me as the "trouble-maker"

8. This Statement by MC is NOT True.

- My 2016, 2017 AGM Letter remains UnAnswered till today
- Clamp Motorcycle at side of Building, and later, put a piece of paper, saying it's management's Lot, and Park at same spot of Bike-Clamp !
- Imposing S$100/- Fines for Littering, ...without proper proocol
9. This last Statement proves that the MC is is denial and still refuses to fix fundamental problems,

My Feb.9th Complaint remains unresolved, i.e.
Q1. Notices ARE NOT Communicated to ALL Owners

Q2. Bias, Indiscriminate Parking at Building-side (which is NOT designed to be a car park), resulting in Oil Stains, eventual Cracks

Q3. Using ALL Common Funds, to serve only a Limited benefit
MC,MA, Please Answer,

Q4. When is the date of the SCM-claim-Ujana tribunal Claim ? Location of Hearing ?

The reason why some of these issues have to be brought up to Social Media - is simply because the Developer, JMB, MC, MA have ignored my reasonable highlights of issues to be fixed.

That the Fact of Ujana, since 2012 until 2018, is still struggling to fix fundamental problems attests to the Fact that the MC, MA are in Denial Modes and are simply performing to serve other hidden agendas.

Pleas Give a Comprehensive Factual Reply on How to Solve Ujana's Funadamental Problems,
instead of hiding behind cosmetic changes in paintings,..

But even the Landscaping, YOU, MC, HAVE FAILED AGAIN TO Maintain.

So what is the point of having fancy web-site, "child-care" centre multi colours, ..
when once the potential tenant visits Ujana, gets Scared by the Non-Licence-Noisy Lift,
and Turned Off by Brown Carpet Grass,...Massive Cigarette Butts,..

You Are simply trying to be deceptive to the Real Cause of Ujana.

I await MC's Faster Reply,
because based on the Current Expenses by Your Management,
Ujana is burning away approximately MYR 2,200, every day !

Another Example of MA NOT Working.
Per Attached .jpg,
Feb7,8th, I submitted,..I request for a call from Eve,..
Today, Feb20th,...STILL NO REPLY FROM MA !

We are ALL here, trying to create a Good, World-Class Strata Living Environment in West Iskandar Zone, so as to attract more Owner-Occupiers and to make a Better Future for All.

Please Don't Misunderstand my words to think that i am "Trouble-Maker", but I am simply stating the Facts, the Issues.

Many in the industry, instead, chose to deny and hide behind regulations, which in the end, self-sabotagues the Bigger Vision of Great Living in Iskandar


Co-Owner, Ujana”


Sorry, but every time I write to Management with specific points, I get deceptive answers, and No solutions,... and Late, Non-Replies

Help !
I’m trying to get the fundamental problems fixed, but the Management instead plays politics

Are there other Property Owners in Johor having similar issues ?

Since they have shut me off their “official channels”, I am forced to post in Social Media

What other Forums, can I share this unfortunate experience ?

Helppppp !
I need advice,

Thank You, sincerely


Since the MC, MA refuse to reply to me, refuse to even acknowledge my submission of properly-filled Feedback forms,...I hve no other choice, but to post in Social Media - for the WORLD to know, See and Advise,...

1. The MC,MA stole my Original WA Chat Group, and created their Own. I was in the Group, but later was removed because the MC-MA was unable to answer my questions on Building Defects Rectifications, and used a deceptive reason that I was disrupting the Group' "Harmony"

Isn't this Unethical of the MC, MA ?

2. Now, the Chairman, and possibly the MA, uses the WA Group to smear me as the "Trouble-maker",..because I complained of the Bias MA,..the Incompetence, the Corruption,...

So they can continue to attack me behind my back, without giving me the same platform to reply

3. Despite the AGM Agreeing to The MC to set-up a Web-site to Promote Ujana, such a suport in the AGM minutes IS NOT considered, "Cast-in-Stone".

Because in the AGM, the Chairman skillfully omitted the fact that COMMON FUNDS WILL BE USED, BUT ONLY TO BENEFIT A FEW (only to the Owners-looking-for-Tenants)

Therefore the AGM Audience was misled and supported the motion, based on incomplete information.

I am sorry if I may sound, "petty", but being the detailled person that I am, I need to explain the details, in order for the Reader to understand the Bigger Picture.

4. Unilaterally Changing the Colour Schemes of the different Lobby Levels, using Singapore's HDB Flats Painting as an example.

Imagine, this Singapore Chairman, thinking that by adopting HDB-themed colour schemes, Ujana's Value will be "enhanced" ???

5. Missing the Fundamentals, but wasting time, and monies on Superficial Cosmestic Changes.

The Nearby University Staff mentioned to me,..."the Management Sucks. Always say, OK, but never do",...

If any potential tenant is to take the Lift,...this Lift would simply frighten off any successful Tenancy.

But the Ujana Management simply ignores such basic, fundamental requests.

So what can I, as Owner-Occupier Do, to seek Justice, and a more Balanced, Professional Management ?

Let Ujana Rot, and be a Sore-Thumb, standing in Front of UEM's Flagship Johor Showroom ?

Help !