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[Life Sucks]: Vast majority of NSmen not even fit to take physical fitness test.

Discussion in 'The Political / Serious Zone [no rep deductions]' started by bic_cherry, May 15, 2014.

  1. bic_cherry

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    Vast majority of NSmen not even fit to take physical fitness test(?let alone able to pass it?).
    Okay, I don't know the pass rates, but just over 1/3 (116,000 servicemen) being cleared to attempt a basic fitness test, is I think something like a crying shame...

    Somewhere, I read that the immediately mobilisable number of men SAF has is 300,000. Wikipedia places the number at over 800,000 reservist, see: Singapore Armed Forces (Wikipedia).

    If 300k forces base is used, then 116k is like 38.7% testable only.
    If 800k forces base is used, then only 14.5% fit to attempt the fitness test.
    The rest are not even fit to attempt the test: I.e. MAJORITY CANNOT even attempt to run 2.4km.

    For the majority who do not qualify to run 2.4km or some other alternative testable equivalent, I really wonder if they are fit to chase the enemy at all.

    It is perhaps high time a new role is found for these physically unfit (/chow keng) NSmen considering other pressing social needs: or does the majority of SAF just consists of an admin/ wayang service: e.g. store man/ logistics/ clerical/ polishing/ repairs/ cleaning etc work?

    Maybe palliative care nursing would be a good way to serve NS, then terminally ill Singaporeans would not have to write to the Straits Times so frequently demanding euthanasia/ pleading their wish to die.

    If Sinkies cannot even allow their fellowmen to die comfortable and happy, then I believe there is no point fighting for the next new day ......

    Minister Khaw paid just S$8 for a new lease of life: there is NO convincing reason why simple, peaceful, hygiene palliative care should not be FOC.
    [​IMG](IMG source)

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  2. steffychun

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    IPPT RT has always sucked.

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