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How much is RK's exposure to Puteri Harbour ? Jen Hotel Closed. Southern Marina Construction Stopped


Jen Hotel Closed.

Southern Marina's Third Block Stopped.

Why ?

Blame Covid, or are there more Fundamental issues that need to be addressed, discussed in the Open ?
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You bought property there ?
Now Forest city development is in doubt. The main developer country Gardens in China is in deep shit.

I also can't understand why people keep building and building in the iskandar region ? It has not much business activity. It expensive to wine and dine there.

It just doesn't have the threshold population to sustain organic growth by itself. Incomes the Dirty money from China.


Considering the latest developments between the Two PM's, Will some of the "Catalyst" Projects be revived ?

Why is Puteri Harbour, looking so run-down now ?
Is the Clubhouse still "undergoing renovation" ?
Has UEM run out of Budget to fix these ?

Why did Peter Lim, Arthur Tay, pull out of their Projects in Johor ?

Who will re-start the Former PineWood Studio (sold to who ?)
And Who will take over 1-Deg 15's site next to the water ?

Is Teega Condo, still infested with Air BnB guests ?

Has anyone experienced Corruption, Tricksters here ?

Do Discuss openly, please.

Thank You


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1. Why is 1-deg 15 totally pulling out of Putrid Harbour ?

2 What are the Real Reasons that Jen Hotel Stopped Business and Closed ?

3. What's the Real Story with the Pinewood-Marco Polo Project Failure ?

4. What's the background of the SG-Buyer of Pinewood-Iskandar Studios and why till present, no activities ?

5. Southern Marina,..is the 3rd Block's construction stopped for Good ?

6. Emerald Bay, Is anyone familiar with the circumstances why the Building Site, next to the "Iconic Bridge" has stopped, for many Years ?

7. Are there any past Buyers for the, "GreenLand Danga Bay" Project ? How are these Byers compensated - if any - for this abandoned project ?

8. Ditto #7, Sovereign Bay, at Permas Jaya,..even Local Buyers were left dissapointed.

So, despite the above, is it true that more and more Singaporeans have resumed buying into Johor properties ?

Is there a ranking of "Property Gurus" who seduce the viewers into a "Buy-Buy-Buy" state of arousal ?

How many Property CONsultants, can One really Trust ?


I think the bottom has being reached. With the recent stimulus of the RTS, the chief minister focus on making it easier for commerce between the 2 countries through making it easier at the customs, and the joint economic activities between singapore and johor plus the fact that the sultan of johor is gonna be the next Agong..I guess people are getting more confident going ahead.