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Serious Hooters From Yemen Capture "Israeli" Ship In The Red Sea! Guess How Many Jews Aboard 'Galaxy Leader' Cargo Ship?


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Israel says the hijacking represents a gravely serious incident 'on a global scale'

The Israel Defense Forces said on Sunday that no Israelis were on a cargo ship hijacked in the Red Sea by the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists.

The statement referred to the hijacking as to a “very serious incident on the global scale.”



Ultimately, it is about ECONOMICS.

The highly confused Shia Houthi rebels with conflicting & disparate aims are not fighting to save Palestinians or killing jews. They simply had run out of cash in war torn Yemen - fighting against Sunni AQAP-Al Queda & Saudi led coalition forces in support of the internationally recognized govt of Yemen.

Shia Iran thru its proxy Hizbollah had long funded & supplied arms to the Houthis, but with recent peace initiatives between S.Arabia & Iran, those funds from Iran are ebbing & so too the support by Yemenis local population. Without food & money, no amount of solace from religion will feed empty bellies or buy further rockets...

With this hijacking, an outright act of piracy against an innocent trader that has not even jews onboard, it will only make economics worse in Yemen. No ships will want to sail thru there-with no trade or revenues, the Yemen economy will only sink further.

Yemen used to be a beautiful country, with trade & tourism flowing. Admittedly, it was corruptly ruled under ex ruler Saleh, but with the overthrow of him, it only made matters worse to the economy & population, even more sadly the religious conflict between Sunnis & Shias for religion supremacy, making peace overtures futile.

May the Houthi leaders get their act together -

1) release the hostages & ship UNCONDITIONALLY to show that it has no intention to choke off trade but would welcome & even PROTECT trade & investments. At the least, it would bring jobs & grow independent revenue.

2)That hijacked ship is owned by a consortium of Biz leaders from UK to Japan. They would be a better source of honest long term trade & investments to Yemen, rebuild beautiful Yemen to what it once was, than to be dependent on others whose lips are smooth & sweet, but would be ready to leave one high & dry when political winds shift.






Yemen map:- pink ( controlled by Govt of Yemen)
Green ( controlled by Houthi Supreme Council)
Yellow ( controlled by UAE backed Southern Transitional Council)
White ( Al Queda)
North of Yemen is Saudi Arabia

66% of Yemenis are Sunnis, while 35% are Shias. Much of its economic activities are along the coastal plains & western plains where the capital is. It's GDP is about $21 Billion annually mainly thru agriculture exports to China (41%).

Despite billion$ in revenue, it still receives $4 Billion from UN for Humanitarian aid each year. It's unemployment rate is at an appalling est 14%/yr. The religion supremacy wars had WRECKED its economy for almost a decade. It is NOT financially sustainable to fund an army, either by itself or with help from sponsors such as Iran which is facing economic problems of its own.

Worse still - with UN agencies under ICC scrutiny for allowing protected infrastructures such as schools, refugee camps, mosques & hospitals to be used as military bases, they will no longer rely on mere words but ACTIVE scrutiny to ensure that such aids are meant as Humanitarian aid & not for feeding militants or funding expensive weapon purchases.

When comparisons are made between Arabs & Persians over intelligence, it is often the Persians ( IRAN) that comes up top. Many of the Shia Houthis had been made used grievously by the Persian Hizbollahs which are funded by Iran, but now with efforts at Peace between S.Arabia & Iran, the Hizbollahs are left hanging, with even the founder of Hizbollah movement ranting & even cursing Iran & Iran backed proxies in Lebanon & Yemen, even Syria for not rampaging & killing infidels.

It is high time for the Houthis to be independent, & work towards a peace treaty between the Sunni govt & themselves, or even autonomy with a Yemen Constitutional clause to protect religious freedom such as Shia beliefs. To continue on fighting, holding hostages, support lost causes, etc, would only starve everyone in Yemen & destroy the beautiful ancient country. It is a country of & for Yemenis. Hizbollah & Iran cares not a fig if Yemen or Lebanon is destroyed, because it is NOT their country..


It is most unfortunate that the Houthis had not release the innocent crew & ship yet. Instead, multiple drones had been sent out from Yemen to hunt for ships to target off the shores of Yemen.

Such actions may not had come from the Houthis.

It may be from the disenfranchised renegade group Persian Hizbollahs whom had time & time again attempted to BROADEN the conflict in the Middle East, to draw 7 BILLION Humankind into WW3. It's the only way they can survive & gain PERSIAN power, over the heads of innocent dead, even for their simple minded host - the Houthis, the way a virus would attempt to take over a Human host...

Even at the least, Shia Iran had responded to overtures of PEACE in recent weeks & had time & time again declared it does not want the conflict in the Middle East to broaden. Sadly, it went unheeded by the disloyal Persian expatriate Hizbollahs, whom after conquering the weak minded Yemenis, is after a bigger prize - Saudi Arabia, where the treasures of Islam are & for Shia sect supremacy.

At least Lebanon's Persian Hizbollahs are more wise, with muted responses. Lebanon was once a great country & much, very much can be achieved to rebuild the nation, but it will need peace for it to grow. Having tasted power, Lebanon's Hizbollahs realized truths...but NOT Yemen's Persian expatriate Hizbollahs, whom had been unable to rule even after a decade of sending young Yemen Houthis to death to fight for Persian glory...

Thus, may Humanity & Yemenis, especially the weak minded Houthis, have patience. Targeted & precision bombs will destroy infrastructures & bodies, but NOT the poisoned IDEOLOGY by Persian Hizbollahs. Hizbollahs cares NOT about Yemen. It is just another country to be wrecked as they had done to Palestine, in order to achieve their global & religion sectarian ambitions.

It is the Persian Hizbollahs whom are in control of the Yemen Houthis that NEEDS to be evicted out of the country, by 7 Billion Humankind or the Houthis themselves, before they can destroy the beautiful ancient land of Yemen.

On the left hand of Humanity holds the stick of utter destruction. On the right hand of Humanity holds a carrot - the gift of life & evolution. May the Houthis choose wisely...

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Nyk paid 1 bil ransom
You wait long long.

No ransom will be paid.

Even if NYK decides to pay that $1 billion, because:-

a) Humanity had decided collectively to NEVER meet terrorists demands. Even if NYK paid, it will have to recoup that billion dollars back & it is by CHARGING HIGHER RATES for logistic services, & eventually, it will only price itself out of competition & go bankrupt, with hundred thousands of its employees left unemployed

b)Hizbollah WILL only demand more & more for each ship that passes thru the gulf of Aden.

There is NO end to Human greed. Money is power, power corrupts & eventually, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just ask Palestine leaders Haniyah & Khaled Mashal whom became BILLIONAIRES enjoying the high life in DOHA, while billion$ from UN aid & donations were siphoned off to them, & any remaining SOLD at high prices to the Palestinians of which 20% of mark ups go to them.

In the end, thus it would be utter stupidity to give in to ransom demands which only enriches the terrorists chiefs whom USE any excuse to milk compassionate but stupid morons, thru religion, race, poverty, etc, more so nations WHOM ARE DEPENDENT on trade to SURVIVE & feed their own citizens themselves.

Ultimately, it will become an EXISTENTIAL issue - Peaceful innocent Humans to starve or to live on knees to terrorists?

Just look at the sheer numbers of nations on the attached map & the important SUEZ canal in Egypt that leads to the Mediterranean Sea to Europe nations that depends on trade, to keep citizens fruitful, survive & remain in power... Think they will remain silent, & even Turkiye, & COLLECTIVELY live on knees to Persian controlled terrorists?

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It was reported today in Yemen news that Saudi Arabia had attempted to have a peace deal with the Houthis in Yemen for months, with major advantages for the Houthis - huge funds for a security barrier between S. Arabia & Yemen.

May history hold a lesson for modern Humanity over ransom payment for peace:-

The large but weak Roman Byzantine empire had been plagued by pirates & adventurous armed coastal village barbarians for years, namely the Vikings. It attempted to pay them off with gold as a solution to end their pillaging. It only worked as long as the gold lasted, & they would return again & again. In the end, there was not enough gold or courage to withstand the barbarians, & eventually fell to the brutal Ottoman Turks whom seized the Byzantine empire lands.

The lesson for Humanity is to NEVER pay ransoms, but fight with courage.

Ibn Saud was the founding father of modern day Saudi Arabia. He was a courageous & intelligent man. While not perfect, he knew the flaws of Humanity, able to separate truth from lies. He knew religion can be a good servant but a bad master, thus he CONTROLLED religion, & so did his offsprings whom became Kings. His progenies gained much wealth, civilized & contributely greatly to charities around the World, & critically, as a Human whom could see further most mortals would for a peaceful World for progress, prosperity & evolution in peace for all.

It is also comprehensible that the current S. Arabia King & Crown Prince would want the same. It is only worldly wealth, but sadly, the reality is that there is NO end to lust for wealth. Wealth is just a means to POWER - to conduct & sustaining long wars to achieve global ambitions, by others far from S. Arabia whom are seeking for religion supremacy.

S. Arabia is important to Muslims Worldwide. It's where the treasures of Islam are, & the defense of it that majority of Sunni Muslims will support. It is fine if the current King & Crown Prince is tired of such heavy responsibilities, after having enjoyed the blessings & wealth that had been bestowed upon S. Arabia since Ibn Saud gained the throne with genuine help from progressive Humanity. The family can retire peacefully with great wealth, presuming they had done their part & none would blamed them. To give up Yemen is to give up the trade routes that accounted for S. Arabia wealth for centuries....

Such tiredness is only what far more ambitious others are waiting for, as they had once waited & exploited, for the fall of the weak Byzantine Empire centuries ago.....

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