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has AnyOne Bought Advance Funeral Packages - Pros, Cons ?


Recently I attended a Presentation by an Established Local Casket Company that was selling the above, for about sgd 15,000 and above.
This sum can be paid in instalments of up to 36 months.

By Buying such Packages, "One will Not burden the Relatives for the Funeral Arrangements,..and Stress associated"

I note that many more Establishments are also selling services in preparing AMD, LPA, Wills, Trusts,..

Is Singapore now targetting the Aging Demographics to make $$$ whilst pretending to "Help" ?

Pros / Cons ?


1) They will come back with ' there is a $600 admin fee which was not paid", " the casket requested is not in stock anymore so need to upgrade to a $1200 model.
2) Company goes out of business