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Foreign Talents? - Please Contribute


Operation Satyam

When the government deputed a team of ace management professionals to take over charge at Satyam Computer after Founder B. Ramalinga Raju revealed his fraud, little did they know what awaited them. Who among the old crew should the new team trust? How should it keep the engine running and what course should it set? Come to think of it, why shouldn’t Satyam just be wound up? Working without any handbook, with every figure and bank balance having to be double checked, the new team has its work cut out. BT puts together an imaginary briefing of the new directors, by one of them, based on real interactions between E. Kumar Sharma and Satyam insiders.

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By Chris Summers
BBC News Online

A British businessman facing extradition to Singapore for a double murder has written to BBC News Online from jail in Australia to protest his innocence.

PP vs Took Leng How
On 26 August 2005, Took Leng How was sentenced to death for the murder of 8-year-old Huang Na on 10 October 2004. Took was a vegetable packer at a wholesale market and was acquainted with Huang Na's mother, as the woman had once worked there. The girl herself knew Took well and they often played together.

Guen Garlejo Aguilar
Aguilar is another domestic maid, but from the Philippines. She is accused of murdering another Filipino maid, Jane Parangan La Puebla, last week. The body was chopped up, bagged and left near Orchard MRT station and at Macritchie Reservoir Park.

Channel News Asia
06 November 2006
By Lau Joon-Nie

Singaporean Ram Tiwary has been sentenced to life imprisonment by an Australian court for bludgeoning his two flatmates to death with a baseball bat.



Singapore court jails Filipino on fraud charge

Posted : Sat, 31 Jan 2009 06:47:57 GMT

A Filipino woman was sentenced to four years in prison for trying to defraud a bank of 100 million Singapore dollars (66.21 million US dollars) with a fake certificate of deposit that was originally in the name of former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos' son. Barcela Losano Rosario, 59, admitted she had tried to deceive Singapore's DBS Bank in November by presenting a certificate for 189 trillion Malaysian ringgits (52.3 trillion US dollars) cash on delivery to try to have the 100 million Singapore dollars transferred into 10 accounts, the Straits Times reported Saturday.




China national came to S'pore to burgle

By Crystal Chan
March 01, 2009

IN JUST three days, Chinese national Chen Jianhua ended up with four laptops, six handphones and four watches.
But he was no rich tourist on a spending spree in Singapore.
Chen, 33, had come here to break into homes.
From 20 Sep last year till his arrest on 24 Sep, he broke into 10 homes and escaped with valuables and $7,000 in cash.
Chen was jailed 71/2 years for his crimes last December.
Court documents didn't show when he arrived in Singapore.
But according to court papers, he began his spree at 2am on 20 Sep after he scaled the perimeter wall of The Imperial condominium at Jalan Rumbia, off Oxley Road.
He took just 30 minutes to break into four units by sliding open the balcony doors.
His loot included a Tag Heuer watch worth $2,700, a Rolex watch worth $4,500, an Apple iPhone worth $348, an IBM laptop worth $5,000, a Canon camera worth $1,700 and about $6,500 in cash.
After lying low for two days, Chen broke into a unit at Tanglin Park condominium at Ridley Park, escaping with a handphone worth $732, a Sony Vaio laptop worth $3,500 and a pair of sneakers worth $250.
The next day at 10pm, he broke into two units in Belmond Green, a condominium at Balmoral Road, and took valuables including a Hewlett-Packard laptop worth $3,600, a handphone worth $300 and a Blackberry phone worth $800.
Later, at 3.40am, he broke into two units at Aspen Heights, a condominium at River Valley Road, and stole, among other things, an IBM laptop worth $3,000 and an iPod Nano worth $428.
When he entered a third unit, an occupant, MissRetno, 33, saw him and screamed for help.
Chen fled and was arrested at his room in Hotel81 Gold, in Geylang, at 1.15pm on 24 Sep.
All the stolen items were recovered from his room.
Stiff sentence needed
He pleaded guilty to 10 charges of housebreaking and District Judge Sarjit Singh said a stiff sentence was necessary as he had carefully planned the burglaries.
The sentence was backdated to 26 Sep, when Chen was remanded.
In his judgment released on 30 Jan, Judge Singh wrote: 'The facts showed careful planning, organisation and execution by Chen. He targeted well-to-do residential areas.
'He showed a blatant and callous disregard for the law and his determination to commit the offences in Singapore.'
The fact that Chen had targeted residential properties to commit theft was also an aggravating factor, he wrote.
'Another aggravating factor is that Chen is a foreigner who decided to come to Singapore for the sole and nefarious purpose of committing these offences.
'The offences were committed in the early hours of the morning when the victims would be asleep and most vulnerable.'
Little credit was given to Chen's plea of guilt, as it merely served to save the authorities time and effort on investigation and prosecutions.
Chen, who did not have a lawyer, is appealing against the sentence.


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