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Feng Tianwei: STTA's Player of the Year again



Feng Tianwei: STTA's Player of the Year again
National paddlers feted at annual ceremony with three additional awards
By Lin Xinyi


(From left) National women's team deputy head coach Jing Junhong, STTA president Lee Bee Wah and Feng Tianwei leading other paddlers in a festive song. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

FENG Tianwei had extra reason to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Monday, when she emerged from the Singapore Table Tennis Association's (STTA's) Annual Awards Ceremony as the biggest winner.

The world No.3 was crowned the Player of the Year for the second consecutive time, and was part of the QT Team of the Year - the national women's team - that won the world championships last year.

The awards ceremony was held to recognise the results that the national paddlers achieved last year, and Feng had plenty to show for.

She made successful debuts at the Commonwealth (two golds and two silvers) and Asian Games (one silver), and capped the year by winning the Pro Tour Grand Finals women's singles title.

Feng said: 'I'm delighted with the recognition that comes from winning the Player of the Year award again.'

During the inaugural awards ceremony last year, only four awards were handed out. But seven awards were handed out on Monday - a reflection of a bumper year for the association, said STTA president Lee Bee Wah.

Read the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

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