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Ex PM Goh Chok Tong thumbs up even though his only son could be jailed for severals due to stock market scam


Woody did say that anyone who earns less than $1 million annually is "mediocre" and unfit to be a Minister. Perhaps Woody Junior took that remark to heart, and saw the need to earn at least that amount every year.
Moi admit moi is mediocre...it is true

True Believer

Sons had enjoy years and years of good years. He might have seen this coming but he didn't care at all.
Anyway as a father, I would not want to see my son go jail too but it's more important to preserve one wealth for the descendants then to waste money on some wretched/ Useless son.
If the son is worth the salt, he might be able to stand strong and develop himself with wealth from his father after the jail term.
As a Dad myself, I realise that it must be a wretched feeling to see your son go to prison. I find no joy in knowing that Jin Hian may have to face the consequences of his actions soon. I only pray that he will emerge a better man after he is released.


Alfrescian (Inf)

Wang Bingang formed his group in 2012 when he was only 23 years old. In two short years, the young man from Anxi, Fujian, started churning out millions by running the Hongli International gambling site from the Philippines and Cambodia. Hongli means “great profits” in Mandarin.


"In the past, politicians served the Nation for Life.
Now, Politicans gets the Highest pay,.. And can retire to enjoy the $$$ proceeds"

Is this statement correct ?