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Chitchat Emperor Xi buys 8.5 billion more worthless US Treasurys. Huat ah!


Alfrescian (Inf)
Aren't the chicoms threatening to sell them all away? LOL!

China just ramped up its holdings of US Treasurys

China was buying US Treasurys at its fastest rate in six months just before the recent trade spat between the two countries.

Bloomberg reports that China's holdings of US government debt rose by $8.5 billion in February to $1.18 trillion. The increase means China retained its position as the largest foreign creditor to the US.


kryonlight bro,

The officials of a huge economy told me that they have a massive pension fund that is sitting on cash because of their constitution. Due to the aging population, they need to seek a few % returns to offset the annual increment in pension payouts (because of their aging population).

Once approved to hold treasuries, this state pension fund has the capability to buy all treasury bills that US issues annually.
When President Trump raise rates in the past year, the price of US T-bills collapse by a smaller margin because of this development.
(Rightfully, higher rates result in lower T-bill prices)