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Breaking news: Election coming


Alfrescian (Inf)
Election department has been alerted and officers are now recalled into operational ready mode. It appears that this govt is too impatient at current GST rate, they wanted more due to shortage of cash in Singapore reserve. Beside, this govt has failed terrible with mounting jobless rate and high H1N1 cases relative to other asian countries. Singaporean are also fucked big times, with abundant of lies, in the last couple of years. By calling an election now is an insult to Singaporeans intelligence, the govt think they are too confident to win and get mandated to screw us further.

People, please get ready too because I have been waiting for this time to come and give PAP a showdown of hands. Our tolerance has been tested by PAP beyond its limits. This is the best time for change, fear is no longer an option for all Singaporeans. We have been sold by traitors!!!

Conan the Barbarian

You will be disappointed after the elections as the results will
show a landslide victory for PAP.

Singaporeans will still vote them despite everything. Its a
foregone conclusion.


Look no matter when where or how PAP sure will win. PAP winning is as sure as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west :smile:


All is NOT well within the MIW sect :smile: ...... holding the GE now is also to kick out those dissenting MIWs....... otherwise very likely to be a repeat of the Barisan Socialis scenario again :p


they know if hold erection now sure kena KO!

Ho Jinx screw up
Old man screw - long term investment
Tartman cover up Temasic
Jamban aunty screw up
MP Cynthia screw up
FTrash influx

fark man how come "Top Talents" so many screw up...paid millions for fuck???


Alfrescian (Inf)
Off hand I can think of a few "jiak Liao bee" ministers who must go at all cost:

1) GKY - foreign cxxk suckers
2) LSS - Job credit scheme lower jobless rate - a bullshit eater
3) THP - asking for appreciation for losing our Town council money
4) LBW - Singapore Olympic spoiler
5) LHL - blur fxxk with no solution to this crisis. Partying comes first.
6) KBW - Singapore hospitals not for Singaporean, asking the poor to go
overseas for treatments.
7) CC - Singaporeans are lesser mortal.
8) SHT - Already whacked and burned, so much for being well-loved.

People, sending all the above to their kampong is enough to signal sufficient victory in the coming election. At least we know the major hindrances are rid even if pap wins. A clear signal to the old fart that he picked the wrong guys, which paralysed his party. Come on, believe you can change thing, that is the only rights we can exercise after all these years of being tortured.