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Best Denki Bankrupted Closed Shop in Taiwan! Huat Ah!


不敵電商衝擊 台灣倍適得電器吹熄燈號


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2017年12月7日 下午5:09


證交所6日即公告憶聲電子因有重大訊息待公布,7 日起暫停交易,將在相關重大訊息公布後,再申請恢復交易。今(7) 日憶聲電子也在公開資訊觀測站發布重大訊息,代為宣布子公司倍適得電器股份有限公司董事會決議解散公告。



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democracy my butt: Is there an English translation of your post?

My family used to shop at Best Denki when we were Sinkies. Some goods were really cheap compared to other retails shops.
democracy my butt: Is there an English translation of your post?

My family used to shop at Best Denki when we were Sinkies. Some goods were really cheap compared to other retails shops.

Google translate like crap


Enemy electricity supplier hit Taiwan times times the appropriate electrical blown out lights

Taiwan's good news

Life center / comprehensive coverage
December 7, 2017

Japan's 3C entities from Taiwan, online shopping sales channel times times the best electrical appliances (BEST electrical appliances), in recent years to buy air-conditioners to 8 years warranty and warranty, and buy television, refrigerators, washing machines and sent to 6 years warranty promotion, at Domestic 3C sales market place. However, due to the rise of online shopping channels and the change of shopping habits of consumers, Taiwan Times Electric Co., Ltd., due to its loss, eventually announced a major announcement on its behalf by its parent company, Yi Sheng Electronics, announcing that Taiwan would have to dissolve the liquidation and will blow out the lights.

The Stock Exchange on the 6th announcement Yi Sheng Electronics due to significant news to be announced, the suspension of trading on the 7th, will announce the relevant major news, and then apply for the resumption of trading. Today (7) Yisheng Electronics also released a major message at the Public Information Observatory to announce the announcement of the dissolution of the board of directors of Times Electric Co., Ltd., subsidiary.

Yi Sheng Electronics said the times since the electrical appliances since its establishment management team to "high quality goods," "excellent service", "preferential prices" as the basic business philosophy, hoping to better service to create the best 3C appliances Shopping. However, in recent years, the rise of e-commerce, changes in the business environment, and the lack of an adequate scale of economy have made management very painstaking. If the Board of Directors decides to dissolve the liquidation, the statutory operating procedures to be completed, according to the law to the competent authorities to dissolve the liquidation and handling all other necessary related matters.

Yi Sheng Electronics said that more than the temporary electrical appliances will be held December 25 in the company's headquarters in Nanjing East Road, Section 2 held at the same time, also stopped times of electrical stock transfer, during the Republic of China in December 2006 On the 11th, until December 25, 106, the Republic of China on December 8, 106 as the final transfer date of stock.

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