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An Insightful Guide to Choosing Tuition Classes


The ongoing debate about whether tuition is necessary or not will never conclude. Some embrace it as a regular part of their life, while others express concern that excessive tuition is counterproductive for the nation. Still, securing good grades is widely considered as one possible vehicle for a fulfilling career. With over 600 tuition centres in Singapore, choosing among the vast selection requires some thorough research. Nevertheless, these are 4 aspects you should consider when deciding on which tuition centre to go for.

1. Search for an inspiring tutor

It is never enough to just find a tutor who is knowledgeable and good in lesson delivery. Beyond poor grades, it is likely that a child’s morale is low and is apprehensive towards that subject. Thus, you are not looking for just someone who can tutor them, but a teacher who can inspire them and spark their interest in that subject. A truly great teacher will find ways to make lessons come alive, and one will look forward to attending his/her class every week.

2. Go for the tried and tested

If you are new to tuition, you may find it helpful to consider the past track record of a tutor. It’s good to shortlist a few tuition centres and find out more details before committing. For example, call up the centre and have an in-depth discussion with the tutors about your needs and how the lessons can help you achieve your objectives. Request to speak directly to the tutor. If the tutor can make you feel comfortable over the phone, chances are that he/she will be able to achieve a positive impact on your learning in class.

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