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70% gong cheebye out in full force


Alfrescian (Inf)

Commentary: Think career resilience, not job security, amid season of layoffs​

Stellar work performance and consistent skills upgrading offer workers no guarantees they will be spared retrenchment. Think of “future-fitness” instead, says JetDev’s Jolyn Ng.

SINGAPORE: Over 260,000 tech jobs were cut last year, and it seems like retrenchments are still coming. According to tracking website Layoffs.fyi, more than 50,000 tech workers have been laid off in 2024 so far.

Singapore too saw employees lose jobs in major firms like Lazada and Amazon this year, with Temasek-backed online cashback platform Shopback the latest to announce a 24 per cent cut to its headcount on Mar 19. And it’s not just tech: Tetra Pak will axe about 300 manufacturing jobs while Unilever will cut marketing roles in Singapore.

Such massive layoffs for an extended period of time would have been an anomaly not too long ago, especially with some companies making cuts despite reporting healthy revenue.

Now it dawns that this could become the norm - even for professionals at the top of their game. Employees’ focus naturally turns to how we can increase job security and protect ourselves from getting retrenched.


Opinion is not journalism. 'How' and 'Why' belongs to opinion, and in this regime, propaganda.


Not forgetting those clowns that pushes the misinformation about covid vaccines during the early days of the scamdemic
Well, need to pak jiam mah

If we live long enough, amdk sexperts may karcheng itchy , write a book or make a movie to reveal some hidden details lah


What does such say about Singapore's Education / Quality of Singaporeans when Talents such as LW was borned in Ipoh ?

Please feel free to listen to this song, I promise u that it will revitalize your life force to cheong cheong cheong


You know what kind of country Sinkieland is under the PAP regime, and what kind of 'media' SPH/HWZ is.

No one should be surprised at this.

Just a reminder: not too long ago SPH Media was turned into a 'not-for-profit' entity. That means it is funded by mostly taxpayer money. Which means SPH/HWZ now provides a 'public service' as directed by the govt.

I wouldn't even waste my time browsing HWZ. It is an insult to your PC or phone browser's cache storage.
which media outlet in SG is not funded by tax payers? The fucking free to air graveyard should have died a long time ago. The only reason any of it still exists is to indoctrinate. The fucking radio stations are populated by adulterers, and riff rafs telling jokes and wanking at their listeners. Fucking disgusting cuntry