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4 × 100 Sinkie women swimming team caught for cheating.

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I remember an old Malay saying 'kalah tidak apa, style mau.' Cheating is not one of them and they got caught.


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The Straits Times

Singapore suffer heartbreak as women’s 4x100m medley relay swim team are disqualified in final​


HANGZHOU – In mere seconds, the hoops and hugs of joy turned into scenes of distress as two sets of sisters Levenia and Letitia Sim plus Quah Jing Wen and Ting Wen saw their 4x100m medley relay bronze disappear due to disqualification.

Three of them had their faces in their hands, while a kneeling Ting Wen stared into space in disbelief as the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre announcer broke the bad news and the scoreboard confirmed the ruling.

The margin of error was 0.1 of a second as anchor Ting Wen jumped too early. She would touch home in 4min 00.87sec behind Japan (3:57.67) and South Korea (4:00.13), but it was Hong Kong (4:01.72) who took third. The Chinese team were also disqualified in the morning heats after a false start from lead-off Wang Xueer.