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2 issues in Hyflux that warrant investigation


1. When they issue bond/perbs in 2016 did hyflux and its agent know the financial state and the company is heading for insolvency.

2. They gave dividends just before the company went down. Why did they do that it looks fishy.
Dead men tell no lies dont think u will ever get the answers to your questions..going forward there are certain fundamentals that an investor need to look at..to me most important is the nav...share has to be traded at a discount to nav the deeper the better cos in times of cash crunch assets can be sold less painful for investor..net profits must be around and above 20% of revenues..net debt should not be more than two times cash on hand..its really a shame to think that hyflux is a much worse off company than best world..as for hyflux itself based on the number of claimants most likely Olivia does not know how to conduct business overseas "when in Rome do what the Roman's do" see keppel Corp semb Corp semb marine capitaland...