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18 bio-carcinogenic artificial butters (* for 3-MCPD containing contaminants)





銀寶Lurpark Slightly Salted Organic Spreadable Butter Blended With Vegetable Oil

MeadowLea Original Vegetable Fat Spread

*President Ambassador Salted Culinary Fat Blend

*Copha Vegetable Shortening Made With Coconut oil

*Tablelands Butter Spread with Plant Sterols

*Belle PremiumVegetable Fat Spread Made With Sunflower Oil

*Tesco Sunflower Spread

*Sunny Meadow Spread with Canola Oil

*Earth Balance Organic Whipped Buttery Spread

*Olive Grove Classic Mild Tasting 65% Less Saturated Fat Than Butter Edible Oil Spread /Fat Spread

*I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Light Vegetable Oil spread

*Sainsbury’sLighter Butterlicious Made with Buttermilk

*花嘜 Flora輕怡植物牛油醬Light Spread

*明治 Meiji なめらかソフトSmooth And Soft

*雪印 Snow Brand特級植物牛油 Neo Soft Spread

*花嘜 Flora軟滑植物牛油醬 Original S pread

*M&S Reduced Fat Olive Oil Spread Made Using Olive Oil

*Essential Waitrose Olive Spread – Reduced Fat Spread (45%)

Some found in Spore :P