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  1. R

    Serious Salute to this news reporter || Ongoing issues in India

  2. Rogue Trader

    Chitchat Cyber security firm Symantec Corp found India's backdoor tio penetrated by China

    Exclusive: India and Pakistan hit by spy malware - cybersecurity firm By Rahul Bhatia Reuters August 28, 2017 By Rahul Bhatia MUMBAI (Reuters) - Symantec Corp, a digital security company, says it has identified a sustained cyber spying campaign, likely state-sponsored, against Indian and...
  3. Rogue Trader

    Sinkieland-India airport authority collaboration deal called off due to disagreement

    Gahmen think earning chowkuan ah neh money is so easy? LOL Singapore's Changi and India's Airports Authority call off collaboration Changi Airports International says both parties were not able to come to an agreement on the commercial terms of the proposal, hence they have decided not to...
  4. J

    Of rapes and India

    http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/02/three-arrested-india-kidnap-gang-rape-japanese-woman Police in India arrested three people for allegedly gang-raping a 22-year-old Japanese research academic near a Buddhist pilgrimage centre in eastern India, officials said on Friday. Police...
  5. Rogue Trader

    China and India soldiers exchange beer and candy after face off at border

    Indian, Chinese troops exchange beer, rasgullas after face-off PTI New Delhi, August 09, 2013 First Published: 18:28 IST(9/8/2013) | Last Updated: 20:56 IST(9/8/2013) Indian and Chinese troops had a face-off in Sikkim earlier this week which, however, ended in a friendly exchange of beer and...
  6. Rogue Trader

    Angmor nurse who was raped in India tries to commit suicide

    'Raped' Irish woman in India hospital after drug overdose AFP Sunday, Jun 09, 2013 KOLKATA - An Irish charity worker, allegedly raped by an Indian businessman, has been taken to hospital after an overdose of prescription drugs, a medical official and police said on Sunday. The 21-year-old...
  7. Rogue Trader

    Ah Neh Super Talent! Woman biker survives unharmed after truck ploughs thru her

    India: Biker escapes after being dragged under truck – video Video shows the moment on Friday a woman in India and her bike get dragged beneath the front of a truck by its wheel. Miraculously, the woman escaped unharmed and can be seen running after the truck as it appears to continue driving...
  8. Rogue Trader

    K Shanmugam will cite Indian cases to pass Singapore laws

    <tbody> S'pore to use Delhi gang-rape case to defend death penalty: FM Press Trust of India / Singapore December 30, 2012, 18:15 </tbody> <tbody> Singapore today said it would cite the "heartbreaking case" of the 23-year-old Delhi gang- rape victim as an example to reject demands...
  9. Rogue Trader

    Mumbai Ah Neh had to run road to Europe after exposing fake "crying Jesus" miracle

    Jesus wept … oh, it's bad plumbing. Indian rationalist targets 'miracles' Sanal Edamaruku faces jail for revealing 'tears' trickling down a Mumbai church statue came from clogged drainage pipes Henry McDonald guardian.co.uk, <time itemprop="datePublished" datetime="2012-11-23T13:55GMT"...
  10. Rogue Trader

    Why does SG want to invite Indian military power into ASEAN region?

    Singapore wants India to play larger role in broader ASEAN region By Channel NewsAsia's India Correspondent Anjali Mathai | Posted: 21 November 2012 2222 hrs Singapore's Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen (R) meets Indian Defence Minister A.K. Antony (L) at India's Ministry of Defence. (Photo...
  11. Rogue Trader

    [Scary Read] Multi drug resistant TB strain emerges in India due to admin lapses

    INDIA NEWS Updated September 8, 2012, 9:03 a.m. ET A Woman's Drug-Resistant TB Echoes Around the World Rahima Sheikh's yearslong effort to beat tuberculosis left her, in the end, all but untreatable. She displays scans in the Mumbai slum she shared with her husband and daughter. MUMBAI—As...
  12. Rogue Trader

    Ho Ching heck care rating agencies, going ahead with big investments in India

    Temasek ignores downgrades, is optimistic on India story By Rajesh Abraham Jul 05 2012 , Mumbai Tags: News Fund has invested $6 billion in Indian companies till date Temasek, the investment arm of the Singapore government, on Thursday said it was “very optimistic” on India’s long-term...
  13. Rogue Trader

    Lost treasure worth "billions" uncovered in Indian temple

    TREASURE WORTH 'BILLIONS' FOUND IN INDIAN TEMPLE ABC July 3, 2011, 8:53 am A treasure trove of gold and silver jewellery, coins and precious stones said to be worth billions of dollars has been found inside secret chambers in a Hindu temple in southern India, officials said. The...
  14. Hans168

    More PMET JOBS Going to FT in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Friends Many displaced Singaporeans PMETs have been forced to work as taxi drivers, property agents, insurance agents, financial advisers, remisers, tuition teachers, etc. Their jobs have gone to foreigners for good. Is this what the pap called progress? Shame on the 60% of Singaporeans...
  15. metalslug

    MOM rejects S'porean(s)' appeal to marry a FT

    People want to marry MOM (PAP) also want to CONTROL and RUIN!! Pui!!:mad: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,4136,180757,00.html? 'We're not young anymore' S'porean, 44, applies more than 20 times to government agency to marry Filipina girlfriend, 34, but is rejected By Desmond...
  16. metalslug

    'perfect maid' can't do anything

    http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,4136,172894,00.html? 'PERFECT MAID' CAN'T DO ANYTHING S'pore couple complains about misleading claims by maid from India By Maureen Koh August 11, 2008 FROM the biodata they were shown and a brief phone chat with the maid...